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Top 20 Best Minecraft 1.12.2 Mods


Minecraft 1.12.2 is still the best version of Minecraft for modding. It has the most mods supporting it, and it’s also a very stable version of Minecraft. In this list, we’re going to run through 20 of the best Minecraft 1.12.2 mods, which have all been tested with Forge. All the links below head back to CurseForge where you can download these mods.

All of these mods where tested with the Forge mod loader. Some are compatible with Fabric, but most aren’t. If you want to see more mod lists like this one, make sure to check out our Minecraft Mods area here at PwrDown! 

1: Animania

Animania is a mod that completely overhauls passive animals in Minecraft. Now, you’ll find that there are different genders, as well as breeds. The mechanics that are involved with these animals is also changed, as now they’ll constantly require food and water, and have certain requirements before they can breed. Another great change is that the models and textures are also changed.

2: Yung’s Better Caves

Minecraft 1.17 will bring an update to Caves, but if you can’t wait until then, you might want to try out Yung’s Better Caves. Now, they’ll be much larger and more cavern-like, instead of being the same boring tunnels that we usually see. Underground, you’ll also find Lava Lakes and Flooded Caverns.

3: Better Mineshafts

Yung, who made the Better Caves mod also made Better Mineshafts. It aims to improve all of Minecrafts Shafts, giving them all new designs, which include changing the materials based on the biome they spawn in. Overall, Mineshafts are larger in size, and there’s extra rooms which contain loot.

4: Biomes o’ Plenty

Biomes o’ Plenty is another must have mod, and adds over 50 new Biomes to your Minecraft world. When exploring, this should make your world feel much more diverse and interesting. Just makes sure you choose Biomes o’ Plenty as the world type during creation.

5: Davincis Vessels

Davincis Vessels is a mod which allows you to build your own airships and boats, which you can use to travel around your world. There are no presets, so you will have to make your own designs. But you can store chests, beds and even carry mobs around with you, making a ship as big as you want.

6: DecoCraft

DecoCraft adds over 3000 new decoration items to your Minecraft World. They fall into multiple categories too, such as store signs, bedroom furniture and a lot more. It’s likely the largest furniture mod available, adding more items than similar mods.

7: Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surrounds will completely overhaul your audio and visual experience in Minecraft. When it comes to audio, there are different sounds depending on the biome you’re in, as well as the time of day. Footsteps are also changed, making them sound more realistic. For visuals, you’ll now find Auroras, Fireflies and more.

8: Dynamic Trees

With Dynamic Trees, Trees in general will now grow in a more realistic manner. Instead of popping up out of nowhere, trees will progressively grow from Saplings. As you can see on the image above, they’ll also have branches which vary in thickness. One cool feature is that you can actually climb the thinner branches.

9: Galacticraft

Galacticraft is a huge mod, allowing you to head into Space and explore new planets and moons. One of the main advantages to this mod is the amount of end-game content it adds, as you’ll constantly have to upgrade Rockets and explore new locations, allowing you to venture further out.

10: Gravestones

If you die in Minecraft, you’ll be at risk for losing all your items if you can’t get to your death location quick enough. With the Gravestones Mod, you’ll leave behind a safe location for all of your items. A piece of paper will also be added to your inventory, giving the location for the grave so you can find your stuff.


HWYLA stands for Here’s What You’re Looking At, and is a very useful mod. When hovering over blocks or entities in Minecraft, a small interface will be added to the top of the window. In there, it shows the Item ID, the name of the item, the mod it comes from and other useful information.

12: Open Glider

With the Open Glider mod, you can seamlessly glide throughout your Minecraft World, providing a very quick method of transportation. All you need to do is jump from a high place, and release your glider. You won’t take fall damage either, which helps in many situations.

13: Quark

Quark adds so many changes to Minecraft, more than I can list. But some of my favorite changes comes to Caves. Now, they’ll have new Biomes which make Caves more unique, such as Lush, Slime and Crystal Caves. There’s also new dungeons which have more loot than traditional ones.

14: Recurrent Complex

Recurrent Complex will add over 200 different structures to your Minecraft World, making it a lot more varied and different. There’s also an online repository where you can download custom structures other people have created, and have them spawn in your game world. 

15: Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons adds large Dungeons to your world, which go right from the surface to almost the void. As you work your way down, you’ll find mobs which become more difficult to defeat, as they carry Enchanted Weapons & Armor. Though as you get closer to the bottom, you’ll find the loot becomes more and more useful.

16: Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers adds new ways to store all of your items in Minecraft in an immersive way. There are new drawers which come in multiple sizes, which each draw being able to hold a single block type. It doesn’t sound efficient, but you can store multiple stacks of items, and easily withdraw and deposit without opening any interfaces.

17: Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct allows you to create all-new tools and armor items, but there’s also some gadgets. These new items are highly customizable, as you have complete control over both the materials and modifiers. A lot of the modifiers are quite interesting too, and add possibilities that aren’t available in Vanilla Minecraft.

18: TekTopia

With TekTopia, Villages are completely overhauled. The Village structures are the same, but the actual Villagers have all new models, textures and animations making them seem more human like. Villagers have jobs too, allowing them to head out and collect resources. But they also need to have food and entertainment to work to their maximum potential, as well as schools.

19: Tool Belt

With a Tool Belt, you can store tools and other items inside, and wear the belt on your character. This allows you to save a lot of space on your hot bar, as you shouldn’t need to carry a load of tools anymore. You can open up the tool belt by pressing the default key, and use your mouse to switch between choices.

20: CopyGirls Backpacks

Finally, we have the CopyGirls Backpacks mod. Out of all the backpack mods, it’s one of my favorites because it’s actually a 3D model which can be placed in the game world, and worn on the players back. Other people in your game can also access it if they’re standing behind you, and it can by dyed a different color.

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