Top 5 Awesome League of Legends Pop Funkos & Statues


GamingTop 5 Awesome League of Legends Pop Funkos & Statues

The Funko Pop figures are known worldwide for their artistic style, sticking to a more cartoon-like appearance. Over time, more of these figures have been released for various Movies, Games and TV Shows. 

Now, we even have Pop Funko figures & statues for League of Legends. It’s no surprise really, which LoL being one of the most played games consistently for multiple years now.

There’s also a lot of value behind Pop Funkos, with some increasing in value massively over time, even becoming worth thousands. Otherwise, you could just become a collector and display them yourself.

Below, we’ve put together a short list showing some great looking Pop Funko figures available for League of Legends!

1: Vi

If you’re a Jungle main in League of Legends, then you might want to take a look at this Vi Figure. Vi is a great Jungler due to her armor shredding abilities, making her practically one shot most enemies when fed. Even though her play rate has gone down, she’ll still look great sitting on your desk or shelf.

2: Lee Sin

lee sin statue

Pop Funko also created a Lee Sin statue, although you can’t see those signature Funko styled eyes of course. In League of Legends, Lee Sin can be played either in the Jungle or Top Lane. He’s always been one of LoL’s most popular champions due to him being a mechanically difficult champion to master.

3: Thresh

Another high mechanic champion in League of Legends is Thresh. He’s been in LoL for a long time, and been a constant pick in the LCS (League Championship Series). For that reason alone, the Thresh Figure is worth considering! It’s completely unique to other figures from the Pop Funko series too, as it doesn’t have the usual human appearance. 

4: Jinx

Any ADC (Attack Damage Carry) mains will want to take a look at the Jinx Pop Funko that’s available. She features her bright pink eyes we all know, with long blue hair which will touch the surface where you play this statue. Jinx is also holding onto her mini-gun called ‘Pow-Pow’. If instead you want to get an Ashe statue, that’s available too.

5: Braum

The final League of Legends figure to make this list is the Braum Figure. It’s probably my favorite LoL statue of all, especially because I’m a Support main. But what makes this statue so good is Braums shield, which carries a lot of intricate details. I’m not a huge collector of Pop Funko figures, but I do have the Braum one on a shelf!

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