Top 5 Best ENB Presets for Skyrim


GamingTop 5 Best ENB Presets for Skyrim

ENB’s are one of the simplest ways to enhance the appearance and graphics of Skyrim on PC. If you’re wondering what ENB’s are, they have been coined for ‘Enhanced Natural Beauty’, and change many post-processing effects such as lighting, shadows, fog and more.

In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best ENB presets currently available for Skyrim on PC. Before installing a preset, you should download and install the Vanilla ENB from the official website. Scroll down, select either Skyrim, Skyrim VR or Skryim SE (Special Edition).

Place the files in the root directory of your game. Once you download a preset below, drop the files into your game directory, overwriting any requested files. For more Skyrim lists and best-of content, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

1: Project ENB

First up, we have Project ENB which is the most popular ENB available for Skyrim, amassing over 1.6 million downloads! It’s main aim is to increase the sharpness in Skyrim, whilst being compatible with other graphic mods such as Project Reality – Climates of Tamriel.

2: Seasons of Skyrim

Next up is ‘Seasons of Skyrim’. It’s a high performance ENB which also aims to increase realism. Not everyone might like this ENB, as the colors are more vibrant than other presets, with there also being quite a high amount of bloom. Although this can all be configured to your own liking of course.

3: Skyrim Enhanced Shaders

Skyrim Enhanced Shaders is an ENB which has been meticulously crafted by the developers, whilst also including features that don’t come with the Vanilla ENB settings. There are also some trailer videos included which show the full changes of each area, whether interior or exterior.

4: Superb ENB

Superb ENB is another popular ENB preset. The develop states that it offers a natural bloom effect, impressive sunsets and sunrises, natural close-range to distant transition, support for all interiors and latest ENB versions. Looking at the screenshots, it seems to be a great choice.

5: True Vision ENB

The final Skyrim ENB to make this list is True Vision ENB. It’s performance friendly, meaning it runs well on lower end PC’s. This preset also has quite a lot to offer, with very immerse and realistic day/night scenes, crisp lighting effects and more. 

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