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Best Minecraft Mods for Exploration & World Generation


It’s no wonder that Minecraft is still incredibly popular over 10 years later. Thanks to mods, you can never run out of content and things to do. One of the best ways to increase the longevity of the game is to install some exploration mods.

These types of mods might change biomes, add new structures or completely change the game world in general. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best mods for Minecraft which add new areas to explore. Make sure to check out more of our Minecraft Mod Lists.

Recurrent Complex

First up, we have Recurrent Complex. This is a vast mod which adds over 200 randomly generated structures into your Minecraft World. These structures vary massively, from Graveyards, Temples, Dungeons, Ruins, Mines and a lot more. You can also create your own structures and have them spawn, or look through the official repository where you can download other peoples creations. 

Roguelike Dungeons

Next, we have Roguelike Dungeons. If you want more of a challenge in Minecraft, this is definitely one of the best mods available. It adds large structures which spawn above the surface, which when entered will take you into deep and dangerous dungeons. Inside the dungeons, you’ll find mobs which have custom gear, and plenty of unique loot which is very useful to collect.

Better Caves

There’s no denying that exploring caves in Minecraft becomes boring quite fast. Most caves are repetitive, and there aren’t many unique features except when you come across the occasional mine-shaft or ‘dungeon’. The Better Caves mod changes that, adding more unique cave paths, flooded caverns, lava lakes, better generation and more. With the caves also being bigger, finding ores is a much easier task.

Additional Structures

Much like Recurrent Complex, Additional Structures adds many new naturally spawning structures to the Minecraft World. Although they are vastly different. Recurrent Complex mostly focuses on large structures which contain loot and can be explored, where as most of Additional Structures consist of smaller items such as trees, bushes and rocks. It adds 155 structures in total, and just helps your Minecraft world feel a little more diverse and realistic.

Better Nether

Finally, we have the Better Nether mod. Much like Caves, the Nether can be a pretty boring place, once you have what you need, you never have to return. With this mod, the generation of the Nether is completely changed, making it a great place to install. You’ll find plenty of new biomes (including forests), mobs, items and more. I highly recommend using this mod for your world!

Phillip Anderson
Phillip Anderson
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