Top 5 Best Tips for Surviving PUBG’s Battle Royale Matches


GamingTop 5 Best Tips for Surviving PUBG’s Battle Royale Matches

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game of survival. It pits up to 100 players on a map who battle it out until there’s just one left standing. You don’t need to rack up a huge number of kills to win a PUBG match. You just need to survive until the late game when you can pick off a few players to scoop the Chicken Dinner. These are some tips for surviving in PUBG’s Battle Royale mode.

1. Stay away from map hotspots

Staying out of map hotspots that often get crowded is probably the best way to survive in PUBG matches. Map hotspots are usually the bigger towns on them or other notable spots that are filled with gear, like the military camps on Sanhok. Players flock to the biggest loot spots, which also turns them into war zones. You can still fill your bag up without going into the most risky areas. So, stay out of the hotspots when you can avoid them.

2. Move across elevated terrain

All PUBG’s maps have elevated terrain in the form of hills and mountains. Try to move across the elevated terrain on the maps when you can. Moving along the low ground around elevated terrain will leave you vulnerable to snipers. You’re much more likely to get spotted by somebody when you’re moving on low ground around elevated landscapes.

Moving along elevated terrain will also enhance your own field of view so that you can see more of the map. You’ll more likely spot hostiles before they see you when you’re up a mountain. When you see a guy in the distance from elevated terrain, only open fire when you’ve got a good chance of nailing them. Firing at very distant targets might only give up your own position.

3. Grab a vehicle on the big maps

Enrangel and Miramar are the biggest maps in PUBG on which vehicles are more important. As the maps are larger, you can fall further away from the safe zone circle. Thus, having a vehicle handy will give you insurance against the shrinking playzone as you can move much more quickly across the larger distances. That extra bit of vehicle insurance also ensures you can spend more time searching for and picking up gear than moving along the map to stay in the safe zone.

4. Stay in buildings longer on Miramar

Miramar has the most barren, desolate landscapes of all PUBG’s maps. Thus, that map has less natural camouflage and cover for players out in the open. You’re much less likely to get spotted and shot at when in a building on Miramar. Therefore, try to minimize the amount of time you spend out in the open on that map by staying (or camping out) in buildings for longer periods. Pick up gear at the numerous blocks of buildings, and make the most of the cover they provide on Miramar.

It’s all the more essential to stay within buildings when in towns. Moving through their buildings as much as possible. Moving about in the open in towns will leave you very vulnerable to open window and roof fire.

5. Walk away from distant gunfire

You’ll usually hear some distant gunfire during PUBG matches. Then you might also see orange bullets flash on your map highlighting where the gunfire is coming from. When gunfire flashes on your map, distance yourself from it.

Don’t walk into any gunfights you don’t need to. Irrespective of how good you are, walking into avoidable gunfights will only increase the chances of somebody shooting you down. That’s especially the case when you walk into a big flair up that involves numerous players.

You’ll survive longer in PUBG matches if you stick to those tips. Just remember that the more you get shot at, the less chance you have of surviving a PUBG match to scoop the Chicken Dinner. Don’t confuse the game’s Battle Royale mode with Team Deathmatch. Play it safe to give yourself the best chance of victory.