Top 5 Suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man and their Origins


GamingTop 5 Suits in Marvel's Spider-Man and their Origins

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man for the PS4 has managed to blow both critics’ and audiences’ expectations out of the water. From its fluid web-swinging to its fast-paced and hard-hitting combat, Spider-Man is no stranger to unique gameplay elements that keep the player wanting more, even two weeks after release and after one hundred percent completion.

Perhaps one of the most influential factors behind the game’s endless replayability is through its inclusion of 27 all-unique suits that span the web-crawlers time both on the page and on the screen. These suits are unlockable via the use of in-game tokens rewarded for finishing specific side content missions. Thankfully, there are no microtransactions in sight. Just another reason to love the web-slinger’s most recent, and arguably best, outing.

Below is a list of what I personally believe are the five best suits in the game as well as an explanation as where they came from. Keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion on the best-looking suits within the current build of the game and may not necessarily align with your personal favourites. And that’s okay.

5. The Advanced Suit

Advanced suit
Insomniac’s unique take on the classic suit

A perfect place to begin, Insomniac’s own take on the classic Spidey design. The classic red and blue colour scheme is perfectly accentuated by the strikingly bold white spider logo that covers the entire front and back of the suit. I think that this suit perfectly sums up the game as a whole, a classic take on the Spider-Man we know and love but with a fresh new twist on it.

I’m going to intentionally leave out the origin of this suit as some may consider it to be a slight spoiler. I guess you’ll just have to play the game for yourself to find out, if you haven’t done so already that is.

4. Scarlet Spider Suit

Scarlet Spider
Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider

A suit that is as unique as the game is, the Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) suit sees our web-warrior dressed in a full red body suit sporting a baggy blue hoodie. The large white eyes and the external utility belt and web shooter combo adds that extra layer of detail to Spider-Man that you often don’t see in his regular suit. The details that hint at just how intelligent Peter Parker and his technology actually is.

The likelihood of you knowing this suit is fairly high. Even if you don’t know exactly where it came from or who Ben Reilly is, I am around 90% sure that you will have seen this costume someplace or another. This suit originates from the ‘Clone Saga’ of Spidey comics in which a clone of Peter Parker (created by the ‘Jackal’) known as Ben Reilly takes on the mantle of Scarlet Spider and dons this more casual Spidey costume. The whole storyline reeks of the mid-90s with edgy one liners left right and centre and plotholes galore, but man is this suit detailed.

3. The Stark Suit

Stark Suit
The MCU’s first Spidey suit

Perhaps the best on-screen incarnation of the wall-crawler, Tom Holland’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man suit is also featured in the game. This suit looks downright incredible with the blue and red contrasting the game’s superb lighting at every turn. The detailing on the suit’s fabric here is truly something to behold as every little weave can be seen. The days of licensed video games may be long gone, and that’s probably for the best, but who needs them as this in-game suit will let you play out the entire game as the MCU’s current Spider-Man.

This suit was initially seen in Captain America: Civil War with the debut of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, marking the first time Marvel Studios had been able to use the hero in one of their MCU movies.

2. Vintage Comic Book Suit

Vintage Comic Book Suit
The gorgeously cell-shaded Vintage Comic Book suit

Undeniably the most striking suit in the entire game, the Vintage Comic Book suit gives Spidey a completely cell-shaded look, mimicking his own comic book appearance. Sure the suit may look out of place when swinging through a photo-realistic New York City but the unique art-style and the effort that has undoubtedly went in to creating this suit for the game clearly shows Insomniac’s extreme passion for the property. I only wish more triple A game developers loved their IPs as much as Insomniac seem to, I’m looking at you Battlefront II.

This suit was of course originally shown in Spider-Man’s very first appearance all the way back in 1962 in Amazing Fantasy, Volume 1, Issue 15. He’s come a very long way since then, hasn’t he?

1. Iron Spider Suit

Iron Spider Suit
Avengers: Infinity War’s Iron Spider

Taking top prize is yet another MCU suit. The Iron Spider suit is perfectly suited for this game. In every setting, every weather condition, every time of day, this suit looks spectacular. The way that light reflects off the armour plating and shimmers with every swing is the perfect demonstration of Insomniac’s beautifully refined engine. Nothing quite beats perching yourself atop Avengers Tower and then leaping off, diving into the streets below only to catch yourself at the last minute by a perfectly-timed web line, all while wearing the now iconic MCU Iron Spider suit. Plus the suit has the additional iron arms and that’s just cool.

This suit was first teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming and was then fully revealed in Avengers: Infinity War, although the suit is loosely based on the original Iron Spider suit seen during the Civil War comic event in which Spider-Man is eventually forced to reveal his true identity to the whole world by Tony Stark.