Top 6 Best Outer Worlds Companions


GamingTop 6 Best Outer Worlds Companions

Obsidian took a lot of queues from the Fallout franchise during the creation of The Outer Worlds, one of the most prevalent being the companion system. While there are only 6 companions in the game, having a small bunch of buddies to pal around with allowed for much more attention to detail for the characters, allowing them to have stronger personalities and more effectiveness in battle. 

But just how good is each companion in The Outer Worlds and more importantly, who is the best Outer Worlds companion?

6. Felix

The Outer Worlds Felix Dialogue
Felix Dialogue

Felix is one of the first characters to become a companion in the game and he can be found on Groundbreaker. For most players he will seek you out and ask to join your crew after you speak to Udom Bedford, making him the only companion that you don’t need to “earn” to make them join your team. 

Felix’s Companion Perks give you and your party:
  • +10 Persuade
  • +20 Damage to Cowering Enemies
  • +20 Damage to Corporate Military
  • +50% Post armour damage to Corporate Military. (After finishing his companion quest )

All pretty good powers to have when going into corporate-controlled areas, but where Felix falls short is his Companion ability. It’s just a dropkick that damages your opponent, it doesn’t cause a knockdown or stun and doesn’t cause any special effects based on which body part is targeted. This usually puts in him right in the heart of a group of enemies, so don’t expect him to last long if you use it at the start of a fight. 

Felix is the comedy relief Outer Worlds Companion and is a parody of young and eager Sci-Fi characters who want to rage against the machine, like Luke Skywalker. Felix can get a bit annoying at times though with how eager he is to appear cool in front of you, but he does show some character development during and after his companion quest.  

The Combination of his personality and his lame ability, unfortunately, lands him at the bottom of the list. While he may be the worst overall, he shines in certain areas and some of his banter with the crew is worth listening to. 

5. Vicar Max 

Vicar Max Dialogue, The Outer Worlds
Vicar Max recruitment

Another early addition to your crew, Vicar Max is found in Edgewater, the first location of the game, and can be recruited to your team after retrieving a forbidden book and completing the first main quest-line of the game.

Vicar Max’s Companion Perk’s gives your party:
  • +10 Hack
  • +20% Dialog Combat Effect Duration
  • +20% Science Weapon Damage
  • +50% Drug Effect Duration 

Vicar Max’s ability is, unfortunately, almost as lame and as basic as Felix’s. It’s just a blast from his shotgun, which at least does a better job of keeping him out of harms way more than Felix who just jumps at the enemy. Just remember that he is shooting a shotgun so he will get close to his target, just not right next to them. 

Vicar Max can be a pretty easy companion to miss, as his questline doesn’t suggest him becoming a companion until it is completed. I completely missed having him as a companion during my first playthrough. Vicar Max does have a bit more utility than Felix, but I find his dialogue to be very boring and generic, but what can you do with a character like his.

Overall, Vicar Max has a little more utility than Felix, as his abilities work on everyone and not just on Corporate troops, so he gets the bump up on the companion’s list. 

4. Ellie 

The Outer Worlds Ellie Posing
Finger Guns are cool across the galaxy

Ellie is, from the moment you meet her, is a character that you know will join your crew. The player first meets Ellie in the Groundbreaker Medical Bay arguing with a nurse. If you proceed to talk to her, it will trigger a quest that leads to her recruitment. 

Ellie’s Companion Perks give your party:
  • +10 Medical
  • +20% Heal amount granted by Medical Inhaler.
  • Recover 25% Health when fatally wounded.
  • -50% cost of bribes (After completing companion quest) 

Ellie’s Companion Ability is, once again, kinda lame. Ellie uses her pistol to fire off a series of shots at a single target. This does a decent amount of damage, and Ellie keeps her distance while using it, unlike the last two companions. 

Ellie is an interesting character as her spitfire personality somewhat contrasts with her work as your crew’s unofficial medic. She also has one of the more interesting companion quests, having no combat and being more about her past, that she usually stays quiet about. Ellie also has some of the best dialogue and crew interactions in the game. 

The fact that her abilities are useful during 95% of the game and her great personality gives her a lot of points, but her lack of overall combat prowess, especially her ability, takes some away as well. 

3. SAM

SAM ending photo
Cleaning up a mess

SAM is, technically the first companion you encounter, if you know where to look for him when you first board your ship, The Unreliable. You can find SAM on the second floor of your ship in a storage closet. Not going to lie, the first time I opened the door I got spooked a little. To make him a companion, you must first interact with him to trigger a quest that makes him a real part of your crew. 

SAM’s Companion Perks:

  • +10 Intimidate
  • -20% Negative Reputation Kill
  • +20 Damage to Automechanicals
  • Harmful Status Effect Duration: -25%

SAM’s ability is pretty cool. He launches up into the air and slams onto his target, causing a knockdown and a splash of acid to land on surrounding enemies. This is probably visually, my favorite Companion Ability. Seeing SAM launch up is just great and his impact is so satisfying. 

SAM can only talk in pre-programmed cleaning phrases, but he makes it work in most situations, even if he doesn’t have any AI. SAM and your ships AI, ADA also have a bit of a thing going on and you can sometimes walk in on them having “relations”. 

Funny character concept, useful in battle and “interesting” character interactions, why isn’t SAM number 1. Well, there’s one possible weakness of having him in your party. If you developed the Robophobia flaw, you will decrease your Dexterity, Perception and Temperament by -1 whenever he is in your party. 

2. Nyoka 

Nyoka The Outer Worlds Dialogue
Why not all three?

Nyoka is probably the last companion that you will acquire during your adventures in The Outer Worlds and she probably has my favorite character design out fo the bunch. You first encounter Nyoka on Monarch in a bar and you’re going to need to help her sober up before she joins your crew.

Nyoka’s Companion Perks give your party:

  • +10 Lie
  • -20% Radius of Footstep Sounds
  • +20 Damage to Creatures
  • +10% Critical Chance when fighting creatures. (After finishing companion quest)

Nyoka’s ability is similar to Ellie’s but more powerful and satisfying. Nyoka fires a barrage from her LMG at a target and seta nearby enemies on fire. Like Ellie’s ability, this keeps Nyoka at a safe distance, but feels like it affects its target. 

The first thing you learn about Nyoka is that she likes drinking. Her recruitment quest is literally about getting her to sober up with some pills. Other than that she also takes a big swig from her flask before using her ability. I know that Video games aren’t known for there great character building but I wish that the developers did more with Nyoka’s character other than drinking. 

One note personality quirks aside Nyoka is always a strong addition to have on a mission, especially for the more sneaky player, and the option to lie comes up a lot so she also helps there. Those reasons and her great companion ability put her as the runner up. 

1. Parvati 

The Outer Worlds Parvati
Parvati on Edgewater

Parvati is the very first companion that you recruit during your time in The Outer Worlds, so it’s oddly fitting that she’s the best. Parvati is sent out with you by the Mayor of Edgewater to help fix the town’s electricity issues and from there on she becomes a part of your crew. 

Parvati’s Companion Perks give you:

  • +10 Engineering
  • +10% Chance to extract Mods in the Field
  • +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter

Parvati’s ability makes her slam her hammer on a target, stunning them and adding shock damage. This is a pretty solid ability as the stun lasts a pretty long, giving you time to get in some damage on a bigger enemy or take out other weaker enemies while a more dangerous one is incapacitated. 

Parvati is my personal favorite companion personality-wise. The World of Outer Worlds can be pretty bleak and the naivety and sweetness that Parvati and especially her companion quest bring are a well-needed breath of fresh air.  

That plus her combat utility puts her at the top of this list. Unless you need some special stats, keep her in your party.