Two Point Hospital: How to Rotate Objects


At the start of Two Point Hospital, you are provided with some basic tips and trips to help you get started. One of them being on how to rotate objects. Mainly furniture and other hospital items that you put down.

There are a few different methods to rotating objects. If you happen to place something and it’s the wrong direction, you can also pick it back up. After doing so, you can fix the rotation so it’s correct.

We have a quick guide below to remind you on how to rotate objects in Two Point Hospital. Whilst we have a few more guides for the game here.

Rotating in Two Point Hospital

So there are two different methods for rotating objects and furniture. You can see both of them on the image below, in the dialogue box at the bottom of the screen.

drag with left mouse button
Drag with the left mouse button

The first method is by holding down the left mouse button. Whilst holding it down, move your mouse in the direction of which way you want the furniture to face. This can feel a little un-intuitive and confusing, thankfully there is an alternate way.

use keys X and Z
Use X and Z to rotate

You can instead choose to press the Z or X key. If you don’t like these bindings, you can head into the control settings by pressing ESC. From there, you can choose your own keys and bindings.

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