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GamingTwo Point Hospital: How to turn off the Radio

When you’re playing Two Point Hospital, you may notice that there seems to be a radio station playing in the background. It’s quite funny and interesting to listen to, but some people may want to switch it off.

I personally chose to switch it off as I was watching a Twitch stream whilst playing. I didn’t want to have to mute the game entirely. Looking through the menus, I was able to find a way to turn it off.

You can find our guide for disabling the radio in Two Point Hospital below. Whilst we have a few more guides available for the game here.

Switching off the Radio

To turn off the radio in Two Point Hospital, you need to get to the settings menu. To do that, press Escape and then choose settings. Here you can configure many options of your game such as graphics, controls and audio.

turn off radio in audio settings
The audio settings screen

When in the settings menu, choose the ‘Audio’ tab. It will look like the image above. The option that we want to change is ‘DJ Volume’. Set this to the lowest possible value to completely mute the DJ.

You may also wish to change the volume of the Tannoy. Sometimes that can sound a bit loud.

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