Two Point Hospital: Where to find Extinguishers & Items


When playing through the tutorial in Two Point Hospital, you’ll receive a challenge. It’s the first one to involve placing down actual items in your hospital. The task you are given is to put down two fire extinguishers in the hospital.

Below, you can find a quick little guide for where to find the furniture and other game items. Whilst here at PwrDown, we have covered a few more Two Point Hospital guides, available here.

Placing Items & Furniture

When in-game, look in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You will see a button named ‘Items’. You will also see buttons which let you build rooms and hire new staff members for your hospital.

items menu
Open the items menu

When you go into the items menu, you will see all the furniture and other pieces that you can put down in your hospital. They cost money to place, and you’ll unlock more items as you progress through the game.

find fire extinguisher and other furniture
Pick an item you want to put in your hospital

Just choose an item from the list and place it down in a place of your choosing. Remember, you can rotate items by using X or Z. Whilst you can also drag whilst pressing the left mouse button.

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