Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia – Blood, Sweat and Spears DLC Announced


The Blood, Sweat, and Spears DLC for Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia will bring new combat visuals to enhance your Total War experience!

This highly-anticipated DLC will introduce gore into the game, allowing players a more realistic representation of how brutal battle were. Now you may watch the blood pour out of your enemies as your army slay men with swift slices of their swords. See organs spill out of open wounds and watch limbs get torn from bodies. It also includes a new visual indicator to unit cards that allows you to see which units are hurt.

The Allegiance Update

In addition to the DLC, a major update, titled “The Allegiance Update”, will be released. This update is intended to remedy many issues that owners had around the game’s launch. One of the largest issues was that many fans of the series had found the game too easy. Others reported the game running poorly, and some said it couldn’t hold their attention.

While the price of the DLC is currently unknown, we do know that owners of Atilla’s Blood & Burning Pack will receive this content for free. This update and DLC comes out on Aug. 29th. Check it out now on Steam: In the meantime, read the patch notes for the update here:

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