Vampyr: How to Bite People & Enemies

how to bite people vampyr

When you’re playing as a Vampire, it makes sense that you want to bite people. Not only does it deal damage, it helps replenish blood which allows you to cast your special abilities.

To actually use your bite, your target will need to be stunned first. We have covered how to stun people in it’s own guide, but we’ll also mention it here. If you want to bite citizens, you will need to mesmerise them.

You can find our guide below. Meanwhile, if you want to check out some more Vampyr Guides for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, check out our website here!

Biting People in Vampyr

As mentioned above, to bite someone, they need to be stunned. When near an enemy, they have a health bar above their head. Below the health bar is a brown bar, which starts as full.

stun bar enemy bite vampyr
Stun bar above a targets head

If you are using a weapon that deals stun damage and you hit an enemy, the brown bar will go down. When this bar is at the lowest point, your target will be stunned. Once stunned, you will get the prompt to bite them as long as you’re close enough.

vampyr how to bite
Bite prompt

When you start biting, you will take off a chunk of your targets health as well as fill up your blood bar in the top left. Blood is the red bar, whilst brown is stamina and green is health. You require blood in order to cast your Vampire abilities, such as those that do damage and ones which can heal you.

Although some abilities don’t require blood at all, and instead just run off a cool-down. There isn’t a limit to the number of times that you can bite, you just need to constantly stun them. If you don’t have a weapon that deals stun damage, then you can sneak up on enemies to stun them without a weapon.

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  1. I tried to mesmerize them what controls actually in sequence do you use in order to bite them effectively


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