Vampyr: How to get Ammo


There are a few different types of ammunition currently available for Vampyr, which you will need to fire your guns (obviously). Ammunition isn’t infinite, nor is it essentially easy to come by.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the main ways of obtaining ammunition in Vampyr, as well as give a little bit of information on the weapons you can use. If you’re looking for more Vampyr content, check out our dedicated guide section!

Where to find Ammunition

During the early game, ammo will likely be very sparse for you. You’re likely only going to have a few rounds at a time, before completely running out. During the early game, I’ve noticed that some weapons are pretty good for stunning enemies, making them must-use.

Guns can be equipped alongside your melee weapon, as long as they are both one handed. Check your controller schemes to find out how to quickly switch between both weapons. When you have a gun, you need ammunition.


The first and most reliable way to get ammo would be to buy it with your Shillings. You can talk to merchants who you can trade with, who will often have ammo available. The first merchants you encounter will likely be at Pembroke Hospital.

vampyr how to get ammo merchant
Bullets available from a merchant

On the image above, Milton at Pembroke Hospital is selling standard bullets for 1 Shilling each. Prices at merchants heavily depend on how healthy they are. You will learn a little more about this as you progress through the story.


If Merchants aren’t providing you with enough ammo, then you should be searching every container and trash can you come across. Searchable containers always have a golden glow to them.

ammo containers
Glow coming from a searchable container

There seems to be a relatively good chance of finding bullets in containers, with some giving around 5 at a time.

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