Vampyr: How to Get Shillings

how to get shillings vampyr

Shillings are the main currency in Vampyr, used to purchase goods from merchants. You will encounter your first merchant when you approach Pembroke Hospital, a man named Milton just outside the entrance.

From merchants, you can buy all sorts of useful items such as weapons, weapon parts, materials and junk. When at a merchant, you can see your number of shillings in the top left of the screen.

If you decide not to buy from a merchant, you can instead sell items from your inventory. Although some items are better off being recycled at a crafting desk to get some of the resources back, which can be used to craft different things.

You will find our tips below for finding shillings. If you want to check out some more Vampyr guides, we have you covered!

Where to find Shillings

There are a few different ways of getting shillings. The most common way would just be by looting them normally. You should be looking in every searchable container that you come across, as they have some much needed items. Quite a few times, they will have shillings.

shillings loot vampyr
Finding Shillings on a table

You’re also likely to find shillings just lying around when venturing. As you can see on the image above, you will spot them on tables. Items that can be looted and collected have a golden glow to them, making them easily distinguishable.

As mentioned above, you can sell any items that you pick up to merchants. Head over to the sell tab and you can choose which items you wish to dispose of in return for shillings. Although sometimes this just isn’t worth it.

vampyr shillings quest reward
Quest reward giving 20 Shillings

Finally, you can get shillings as a quest reward. This doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes citizens will give you some in return for finding an item of theirs. On the image above, you can see that one citizen gave 20 shillings for completing his quest.

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