Vampyr: How to Heal & Get More Health


It’s very important to keep track of your health in Vampyr. Once you die, there’s a good chance you will loose a decent amount of progress and resources. I went through this myself, deciding that I needed to take a break!

Thankfully, there are quite a few different ways to heal yourself, as well as increasing the amount of maximum health that you have. You can either heal by using Serums, Abilities or biting enemies that you may face.

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Healing in Vampyr

The easiest way to heal in Vampyr would be by using one of the provided abilities. In your inventory, you will see that you have an ability named Autophagy (if you have unlocked it). It’s the first skill that you will unlock.

vampyr autophagy
Autophagy ability which heals you

What this ability allows you to do is heal yourself at the cost of some blood. In our Vampyr section, you will find a guide on how to collect blood already. Luckily, Autophagy has a really short cool-down, meaning it can be cast multiple times during combat.

When you inevitably evolve Dr Reid, you can upgrade Autophagy so that you can heal for much higher amounts for the cost of less blood. Autophagy is possibly one of the most important and useful abilities that you own!

Crafting Serums

If you have all the necessary ingredients, you will be able to craft ‘Regeneration Serum’ at your crafting desk. They can be quite expensive to craft, but are definitely worth it during combat if you are out of Blood.

serum crafting recipe vampyr
Healing Serum crafting recipe

The lowest level of these Serums is the ‘Light regeneration Serum’, and instantly heals for 300 health, with a further 150 points of healing over the next 15 seconds.

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