Vampyr: How to Kill the Sewer Beast Boss Fight

how to kill the sewer beast vampyr

One boss that you will come across relatively early into the game in the Sewer Beast. This boss is in the sewers which you will need to go into for a quest, and is a pretty difficult boss. Thankfully, I managed to kill this boss first time. Therefor I thought I’d give a few pointers and tips and tricks.

Once you get into this boss fight, there is no way out unless you die. If you do in fact die, then it’s likely that you might lose some progress as well as ammunition if you’ve used it.

You will find our guide, tips and tricks below. If you want more Vampyr guides, make sure to check out our designated section here!

Fighting the Sewer Beast

Before starting, make sure that you have your best possible weapon equipped. One that deals the most damage, as well as some potential stun damage. This will help a lot.

This boss is quite a difficult one to defeat in Vampyr, as it deals very high amounts of damage if it hits you. You need to keep as much distance as possible between you both, if you feel like the Sewer Beast is about to slash at you, use your dodge and go backwards.

sewer beast boss vampyre
Sewer Beast ready to charge

Obviously, dodging uses a lot of stamina. When you do dodge backwards, keep walking back to allow your stamina to recharge. This boss is ridiculously tanky, and it will feel like your attacks do next to nothing!

The Sewer Beast can be stunned. The brown bar underneath it’s health bar shows how close to stunning it you are, it needs to reach the bottom. Once stunned, you can use your bite manoeuvre to refill on some blood, allowing you to cast more abilities.

If you do take damage, use any serums or your Autophagy ability, which will allow you to use up some of your blood in exchange for health.

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