Vampyr: How to Read Notes, Quest Items & Collectables

quest item vampyr

When completing quests or just searching areas in general, you’re likely going to come across a lot of quest items. There are usually in the forms of letters/notes that will provide you with hints on a citizens story.

If you find a note and don’t read it straight away, you may not know how to find it again. The two main types of items are ‘Collectables’ and ‘Quest Items’. Each have their own differences.

Below, we’ll show you how to access the menu where you can read back letters on PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you want to check out some more Vampyr guides, we have a collection going here.

Read Collectables & Quest Items

To start, you need to open the main menu. Not the start menu, but the menu where you can access your character, inventory, citizens etc. On PC, you can get to it by pressing TAB, whilst it’s the ‘Back’ or ‘Select’ button on console.

quest items vampyr
Quest Items area, where you will find keys and notes

The first menu we will look at is Quest Items. It’s here you will find a load of notes and other back story. You can access this menu by heading to the Inventory Tab, then along to the Quest Items section. It looks like the image above. You can then go ahead and view what you have collected so far.

collectibles vampyr
Collectables screen, where you can find lore information

Meanwhile, the collectables area is a little easier to get to. From the menu, head to the far left tab named ‘Collectables’. It’s here you can keep up to scratch on lore! When first picking up a collectable or quest item, remember that you can access it there and then with the Select button on console.


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