Vampyr: How to Stun Enemies & Targets

how to stun in vampyr

In Vampyr, you are going to need to stun enemies in Combat to be able to bite them and collect their blood. If you don’t have any Blood available, then you can’t use any of your Vampire abilities such as healing or damage ones.

Stunning can be a bit complex to understand in the early game, as not a lot of weapons offer a good way to do so. That’s why we have you covered! In this short guide, we’ll show you a few methods to stun enemies whether you’re on PC, PS4 or Xbox One. The only thing that varies in this guide is the controls.

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Stunning in Vampyr

The easiest way to stun an enemy would be to sneak up on them. Keep out of vision, and slowly walk up behind your target. Focus on them so that you are targeting them (Right analogue on console). When you get close enough, the stun option will pop up, allowing you to stun and then bite them.

sneak up to stun
Sneaking up on enemies allows you to stun them

If you’re already in the middle of combat, then you can’t use the sneak method. You will need to rely on weapons that have a stun attribute.

Underneath a targets health bar is a brown bar, which shows how close the enemy is to being stunned. Once this hits 0, your enemy will become stunned.

stun bar vampyr
Brown bar shows how close to stunning an enemy you are

Make sure either your main weapon or off hand weapon has a stun attribute. Using it will bring down the brown bar, stunning them quite often allowing you to constantly refill your blood bar. You can take a look at your weapons inside of your inventory and adjust them accordingly.


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