Vampyr: How to Use & Equip Guns


GamingVampyr: How to Use & Equip Guns

If you want to get some damage in from a distance without using your Vampire abilities, you’re going to want to use guns. There are a load of different types available in Vampyr, from pistols to shotguns.

When I first started playing, I was a little confused on how to actually use and equip them, not knowing much about all the different slots and how 1 handed and 2 handed weapons worked. That’s why I’ve decided to make this guide, for anyone who struggled a little like me.

You can find our guide below for Xbox One, PC & PS4 Players! Meanwhile, you can check out some more Vampyr Guides here at PwrDown!

Equipping Guns

Head into your Inventory/Character menu, where you can equip different weapons and abilities. It looks like the screen below. You can see that you have a section on the left for Main Hand and Off Hand.

equip guns vampyr
Equip a gun on the character screen

It’s possible to equip two main hands and off hands at once, as you have the ability to switch between during combat. If you equip a two handed weapon like I have, you aren’t going to be able to equip a gun as well.

If you want to use just a gun, put it in your Off Hand. Select the slot, choose your gun and press ‘Equip’. If it’s a one handed gun, you can also equip a one handed melee weapon into the Main Hand slot, which is what you’ll use most during combat.

vampyr upgrade weapons
Upgrade weapons later on

Ammo can be hard to come by in the early game, and even harder depending on how often you decide to use a gun during combat. When you have the required parts, you can go ahead and upgrade your guns later on.

Finding ammo can prove to be a bit of an issue. Merchants will usually have some in stock, whilst it can also be found in containers occasionally.

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