We Happy Few: Default Controls & How to Change Them


We Happy Few was recently released out of Early Access on PC. With it came a lot of controls and bindings that you need to use in game.

Whilst you can see the list of controls in the game menu yourself, we have decided to list them below for quick viewing. These controls are for the PC version of the game. Players on Xbox One and PS4 can likely see the controls themselves in the game settings for their controller.

List of Controls

Below, you can see a complete list of default controls and key bindings for We Happy Few on PC. Some of these options have a toggle variation too.

  1. Movement: WASD
  2. Jump: Space
  3. Sprint: Hold SHIFT
  4. Walk: Caps Lock
  5. Sneak: Left CTRL or C
  6. Interact: E
  7. Secondary Interact: V
  8. Attack: LMB
  9. Block: RMB
  10. Shove: R
  11. Equip/Holster Weapon: Q
  12. Quick-slot items: 1,2,3 and 4.
  13. Use Quick-slot: F
  14. Take all from container: E
  15. Close container: Space
  16. Drop item: G
  17. Player menu: TAB
  18. Status: H
  19. Inventory: I
  20. Crafting menu: B
  21. Map: M
  22. Journal: J
  23. Skill Tree: K
  24. Notes: N

we happy few keyboard mapping
Keyboard mapping in We Happy Few

If you want to access the controls in-game, head to the options menu. In there, choose controls and then ‘Keyboard mapping’.

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