What are the recommended specs for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery came out today on iOS & Android. Along with it, the recommended requirements for your device where listed. Players have been excited to play this game for a long time. There is definitely an itch to get back into the magical world of Harry Potter.

So far, the reviews are looking great. I’ve been playing it myself and have had no performance drops whatsoever. The graphics are very nice too which is a plus. It doesn’t end here either. The developers of Pokemon Go are also creating a Harry Potter game, due to release in the not so distant future.

recommended specifications for harry potter hogwarts mystery on ios and androidRecommended Specifications

Anyhow, to play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you device needs to meet certain requirements. Below are the recommended specifications. According to the game developers. This data was accessed from the help menu in-game.

Android users will need to on Version 4.4 at least. It’s recommended that your Android device also has at least 2GB of RAM for a smooth experience. Meaning no stuttering, FPS drops or overheating of your device!

iOS users should be on at least iOS Version 10, and have at least 1GB of RAM in their device for a smooth experience. Again, this just means that you shouldn’t face any hiccups, lags or crashes.

If your device meets the criteria listed above, but the game doesn’t launch, it’s recommended that you email [email protected]


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