Where to Find Borderlands 3 Screenshots from Photo Mode on PC


One of my favourite features in Borderlands 3 is photo mode. It allows you to take high quality images from practically any angle, with full control over lighting, depth of field and more.

We’re certain that we’re going to see a lot of amazing wallpapers and artwork in the coming months. Especially with how beautiful Borderlands 3 looks in general.

An image taken in Photo Mode

However the photos that you take aren’t saved to your clipboard. Instead they are automatically saved to your computer in a .PNG format. They’re quit big in size too, with them averaging out at around 5MB for a 1080P image.

To access your photos that you have taken in Borderlands 3, start by heading to ‘My Documents’ on your computer. The default location for screenshots is Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor. 

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