Where to find new Gaming Partners, Friends and Squad Members


Gaming alone sucks, we all know it. Not for everyone of course, some people prefer to play alone. But with popular games such as Apex Legends currently only having the option to play as a trio, it can certainly have its difficulties.

Communicating can be harder, and your synergy with other players may not be what you expect. That’s why it’s important to make some meaningful connections with other players, who you can team up with repeatedly and climb the ladder together.

Meeting Other Players & Making Friends

  1. Browse the associated subreddits. Looking through Reddit, specifically the community for a game is an easy way to make new friends to partner up with. Just make a new post, asking if anyone wants to team up. Add some personal information about yourself such as your country too. 
  2. Take a look at RemoteFriends. At RemoteFriends, they have a dedicated ‘find a gaming partner‘ section, where you can look through other members who are also looking for gaming friends. Not only that, you can see the games they play, their interests and even a profile picture.
  3. Try out Discords. There are a lot of Discord communities out there which aim to group people together. Take a look online for some L4G or ‘looking for group’ Discord servers. Don’t see any good ones? Just join a community server for the game you’re playing, they’re bound to have other players looking for gaming friends.
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