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When you reach Briçal de Mar, you’ll see that there is an Accademia building. On the top floor is the Headmistress, who will tell you that two students are missing. They are named Yusuf and Roger, and will start the quest ‘Missing Kids’.

No matter how much you search Briçal de Mar, chances are you won’t find the two kids. That’s because they’re not on the main bit of land, you’ll need to search the seas!

Below, we have a quick guide for completing Missing Kids in Temtem. For more Temtem Guides and Best-of lists on PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Finding the Missing Kids

Completing this quest requires you to have unlocked the Surfboard. We’ve covered obtaining it in a more detailed guide, but to put it briefly, you will only get the Surfboard once you have defeated Sophia in the Dojo. 

With the Surfboard obtained, head into Indigo Lake which can be found West of Briçal de Mar. The map below shows the location of Yusuf and Roger, in the bottom left corner where the question mark icon is. 

missing kids location
Location of the Missing Kids (bottom left)

Speak to the kids, and let them know that they should be in school. They’ll say they’re just relaxing, and won’t leave where they are.

speak to yusuf and roger
Speak to Yusuf and Roger

Head back to the Accademia Building and speak to the Headmistress again. You can choose to either say the kids are at home ill, or truanting. Afterwards, you’ll be rewarded with a Decoy item.

speak to the headmistress
Speak to the Headmistress

You’ll now have completed the Missing Kids quest! Decoys are a consumable item, and increase the chances of being able to run away during a Temtem battle.

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