Who is the Best Beginner Champion in League of Legends?


League of LegendsWho is the Best Beginner Champion in League of Legends?

If you’re a beginner to League of Legends, you’re likely wondering which champions are the best to play. Well, the answer is the ones that have the lowest skill cap, just so you can adjust to using abilities, learning how to farm CS and when to attack enemies.

In this list, we’re going to give you a good starter champion to play for each role in League. Beforehand, I’d always recommend trying out any champions which seem interesting to you in the practice tool, so you can learn their kit before heading into an online game.

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1: Ashe (ADC)


If you’re wanting to try out the ADC Role (Attack Damage Carry), then take a look at Ashe. She’s simple to play, as she doesn’t have any confusing mechanics. What you should know about Ashe is that her Q ability is only usable after stacking a few auto-attacks, when used, Ashe will fire in rapid succession, which you should only use on enemy champions or turrets. 

Ashe W is an ability which can be used to slowly poke out the enemy laners, as she will fire arrows outwards in a cone shape, also slowing anyone hit. Although this ability costs a lot of mana. Use Ashe’s E ability to fire her Hawk Spirit to look for enemies, use this when you want to see where enemy players are. Finally, Ashe R ability might be hard to hit the first few times. When used, the first enemy champion hit will be stunned and slowed for a short duration.

2: Sona (Support)


A Support Champion who is great for beginners to try is Sona. She can provide damage to enemies, and heals and movement speed to allies. You can experiment with different Sona builds, whether you want her to rely on damage or being more of a tank.

When using Sona’s Q, she will fire out a damage ability which can hit up to two enemies, as long as they’re close enough. It will also boost the damage of any allies standing within the area around her. Use her W to heal allies, and provide a shield to anyone nearby. If you want to move faster, when chasing enemies, Sona’s E ability will help with that. Finally, Sona’s ultimate ability is a stun which can hit multiple champions at once.

3: Ziggs (Mid)


In the middle lane, you’ll often find yourself playing AP (Ability Power) focused Champions. One great character to start with is Ziggs, as he’s pretty straightforward and great for beginners. His Q ability mostly consists of just throwing bombs towards the enemies.

Ziggs W is a satchel charge. When it hits an enemy, they will be knocked away. Although sometimes it’s better to save it for enemy turrets, as it can destroy them when they have low enough health. When using Ziggs E, a small series of bombs will be placed in a circle which will slow enemy enemies or minions who walk over it. Finally, you can use Ziggs R as a massive area of effect attack, being able to hit multiple enemies at once.

4: Jungle (Amumu)


Amumu is all around a great Jungle champion for beginners. That’s because he’s easy to conduct ganks with, as he has two stun abilities. There are two ways you can build Amumu too, either as a tank, or as a damage champion. As damage, you’ll want to build Ability Power.

Amumu’s Q is Bandage Toss, and allows you to cast out towards your mouse, stunning the first enemy hit for 1 second. His W acts a little like a Sunfire Cape, dealing damage to any enemies who are close to Amumu, although this costs a lot of mana so it will need to be toggled off most of the time. When close to enemies, you should also use Amumu’s E to deal extra damage. Finally, Amumu’s strongest ability is his ultimate, which stuns all enemies in a large radius around him, often turning fights in your favor.

5: Dr Mundo (Top)

dr mundo

If you’re wanting to give the top lane a go, then Dr Mundo makes a great beginner champion. You should be careful early game, and try to avoid fighting, at least until you reach Level 6. Mundo’s abilities all use his health as a cost, so keep your eyes out for that.

Use your Q ability to keep enemies poked out of the lane, as it deals high amounts of damage. Then during fights, pop both your W and E abilities, which will deal area of effect damage. Finally, when your health is getting low, or you know it’s going to, use your ultimate ability which will provide massive amounts of healing. Obviously, you’re going to want to build Dr Mundo tank. Focus on items such as Warmog’s Armor and Spirit Visage which increases healing.

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