Will Fortnite Battle Royale get Vehicles?

Would vehicles make or break Fortnite?

The Hoverboard from Save The World was the first vehicle to be added

One question on most players mind is whether Fortnite Battle Royale will ever get vehicles in a future update. It’s definitely possible, as Epic Games seem to be throwing all sorts of crazy ideas around. We’ve seen it with Impulse Grenades, Guided Missiles and now the Port-A-Fort.

Recently, the PvE portion of Fortnite received its very first vehicle, the Hoverboard. You can see it in action on the image above. It was greatly needed in PvE, so that players could travel the entire map faster as well as to combat the gruelling stamina system.

Personally, I don’t see why the Hoverboard wouldn’t make a great addition to the Battle Royale mode too. If Epic Games decided to implement the Hoverboard to BR, then it would most likely be balanced. It would certainly be less useful than jump pads, as it only increases movement speed on the ground.

Mounting a Hoverboard requires you to stay still for 3 seconds, and upon taking damage, either from other players or the environment, it is removed from under your feet.

One idea is that the Hoverboard could be a default item, similar to the pic-axe. That way, players could start on an empty fuel tank and make their way to a gas station if they wish to use it. They could also have their own cosmetics/skins for players to buy on the item shop.

Fortnites Jetpack reveal

The Jetpack was revealed in Fortnite Battle Royale towards the end of February 2018, said to be coming in that weeks patch. Its supposed release marked the first iteration of vehicles into the game.

However just a day later, an Epic Games Community Manager on Reddit stated that due to a last-minute design issue, it wouldn’t be released that week after all. Instead, the jetpack was replaced with the Hunting Rifle as the new item.

Almost 6 weeks on, we still haven’t heard anything new. Whether the idea has been scrapped is unknown.

Should Fortnite get vehicles?

That’s the big question. The jetpack doesn’t sound like too much of an issue, as it will primarily move vertically. It doesn’t allow you to travel around the map at fast speeds.

If you haven’t already noticed, the Fortnite Battle Royale map is significantly smaller than PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (which does have vehicles). This isn’t a bad thing of course, games are simply shorter and you’re likely to run into more players.

But adding ground vehicles into the mix such as cars or bikes means you will possibly be able to cross the entire map in a matter of minutes. At the moment, you can expect to travel from Snobby Shores to Wailing Woods in around 7 minutes by sprinting. In a vehicle, this could possibly hit as low as 2 and a half minutes.

In an interview with GameSpot, Fortnite developers stated they have “nothing to announce right now regarding vehicles”, but players “shouldn’t rule anything out”. It’s a clear indication that vehicles is most likely at the back of developers minds.

If we do see vehicles in the future, it’s likely we’ll only see ‘fun’ iterations, starting with the jetpack of course. Possibly even the Hoverboard in a future update. Other vehicles could be shopping carts, bulldozers and even golf carts. These could also give a more practical use to gas stations.

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