Wordscapes: Level 46 Solution


GamingWordscapes: Level 46 Solution

Wordscapes is a puzzle game, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android. There’s hundreds of levels to complete, as well as levels which appear daily for players to complete. As you progress through the game, you’ll obtain Brilliance.

Level 46 of Wordscapes is part of the Forest Collection, under the Flow subsection. This Wordscape contains 12 words, as well as a few Bonus words, using the letters C R E A B.

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Level 46 of Wordscapes is quite difficult, as it requires 12 words made from just 5 letters. To solve this puzzle, enter the following words: Are, Bear, Bare, Bra, Ear, Bar, Crab, Car, Care, Era, Race and Brace.

A few bonus words can be entered to score some bonus points, like Ace and Arc. 

wordscapes level 46 solution


  1. Ace: A point or spot on a playing card, a whole in one or an expert at something.
  2. Arc: To move following a curved path.
  3. Race: A contest between people, to reach an objective first.
  4. Bra: A Brassiere.
  5. Are: Second-person singular simple present tense of be.
  6. Bare: Minimal, or just about sufficient. To do the bare minimum.
  7. Bear: A large mammal, related to dogs and racoons.
  8. Car: A wheeled vehicle, drawn by humans and horses.
  9. Crab: A crustacean, which has multiple legs and found in oceans.
  10. Bar: A solid object with a uniform cross section.
  11. Brace: A measurement of length.
  12. Era: A time period of indeterminate length.
  13. Ear: The organ for hearing.
  14. Care: An emotion, to worry, grief and sorrow.
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