World War 3: Best Settings to Fix Lag & Increase FPS


World War 3 just came out. Specifically as an early access title, meaning it is still in development and an unfinished game. One thing that I have personally noticed is that it isn’t optimized amazingly. For me, the game is sluggish and struggles to reach a decent FPS at all times.

It’s a shame, as the game looks and feels great to play. The only way to actually increase the frames per second is to play around in the settings and adjust them. You’ll take a massive quality hit, but at least the game will be more playable.

Below, you can find our tips and guide for increasing FPS in World War 3. Whilst we have more guides for the game available here!

Increasing FPS

To start, head into the ‘Video’ area under the settings menu. Here, you can adjust a lot of options for the game. Some things you need to focus on in here are ensuring that the Screen mode is set to ‘Fullscreen’. I recommend that you turn off motion blur, as it isn’t really recommended in first person shooters. You can change other options here yourself, for example, whether you choose to enable V-Sync or not.

basic settings
Basic Settings

Next, we can move over to the ‘Advanced’ tab. In here, you can choose whether you wish to enable a frame rate lock, dynamic resolution and more. I recommend you leave these settings to Disabled, although you can play around with them to see what gives the best results. Take a look at ‘Resolution scale’ at the top, if your game is suffering with extreme fps drops, you can consider lowering this to make the game less resource demanding.

advanced settings
Advanced Settings

Finally, move over to the Quality section. Here you don’t get a lot of options. But you basically just want to set everything to low to get the biggest performance increase. You can come back later to bump these settings back up one by one.

quality settings
Quality settings

That’s everything. To reiterate, the biggest changes you can make are lowing the graphics settings and if necessary, lowering the resolution and resolution scale down. That way, the game is just a little less demanding.

If you’re still struggling to run the game, it’s likely that you will need to upgrade your system. Games are becoming more and more demanding now. Although World War 3 is an early access title, so more optimisations will come in the future.

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