World War 3: How to Change the Crosshair Color


In World War 3, you have a small amount of customisation options available when it comes to the crosshair. Whilst you can’t change the shape or style, you can change the opacity and color.

You might want to do this depending on your vision and how well you see certain colours. Otherwise, you may want to change it to match other games you play of the same style. It’s important to consider changing the crosshair, as you need to be able to see it against all backgrounds.

Therefor, you should try and choose a neon-styled color that is bright such as green or pink. Below, you can see the settings area for changing the crosshair, whilst we have more guides available for World War 3 here.

Changing the Crosshair

To start changing the Crosshair, head into the ‘Settings’ menu and choose the ‘Gameplay’ area. Here, you can find a few settings for your game.

settings area
Settings area

Under the ‘Common’ area, you will see a Crosshair section. As mentioned before, you can only change the crosshair color and its opacity. By default, the opacity is at 100 and the color being white.

crosshair options
Crosshair options

Change these to whatever you want and save your changes. With World War 3 being an early access title, it’s possible that we will see more changes to the crosshair system in the future.

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