World War 3: Stuck on Loading Screen?


When you first boot up World War 3, you’ll have to deal with a loading screen before being able to play. The only obnoxious thing about this is that it seems to crash on startup, or so it seems.

After you’ve chosen which server you’ve played on, the anti-cheat will boot up and the game will begin to load. You will see a screen similar to the image below, the only indication that the game hasn’t crashed is that snow is still falling and the ‘Loading’ text should still be flashing in the bottom right corner of the screen.

world war 3 loading screen
World War 3 Loading Screen

The thing is, World War 3 does take a long time to load. At least for me. I don’t have it installed on an SSD, and it takes around 5 minutes for this loading screen to pass and to allow me to get into the game.

It is recommended that you install the game on an SSD to increase load times of both the main game and maps. Unfortunately though, the game is quite large in size, sitting at around 43GB. An amount of space I couldn’t really give up.

So if you are stuck on this screen, just hold out. The game will eventually load. World War 3 is still an early access title, and it’s for certain that more optimisations will come in the future.

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