World War Heroes: Change the in-game language

World War Heroes – Language

Another option that World War Heroes provides is the ability to change the language in-game. I’m not sure if the language defaults to the language of your phone or whether it defaults to English.

However, from the settings menu it’s possible to change the language between Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, South Korean, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

How to change the language in World War Heroes

Start by opening the settings menu. You can do this by pressing the icon in the top left of the screen above the minimap. Then select the Settings button in the bottom centre of the screen.

World war heroes change language open settings
Open the settings menu in World War Heroes

Choose ‘Language’ from the tabs at the top, it’s the furthest one on the right. Select the icon that represents your spoken language! The changes should automatically save.

World war heroes change language select your language flag
Under the language tab, choose your spoken language


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