World War Heroes: Change & increase graphics settings


World War Heroes – Graphics settings

When you first install World War Heroes, the game will most likely default the graphics settings to the lowest possible. It did for me anyway.

You actually get quite a lot of control of all the different graphics settings in World War Heroes such as Graphics Quality, Textures, Anti aliasing, Post Processing, Particle Effects and Shadows.

However your device/game may become slow if you put the settings higher than your device is capable of.

How to change the graphics in World War Heroes

Changing your graphics settings is a simple task. Start by opening the settings menu, which can be found in the top left of the screen above the minimap. Then select the settings button located in the bottom centre of the screen.

World War Heroes how to change graphics settings open the settings menu
Open the settings menu

Choose the ‘Graphics’ tab and begin changing settings. You can either use the predefined graphics settings such as Low, Average and High. Or you can select your own settings by choosing ‘Custom’ and adjusting all of the drop down options below.

World War Heroes how to change graphics settings choose the graphics tab and change the options
Select the ‘Graphics’ tab and begin choosing your settings

Under the ‘Game’ tab, you can also choose to enable V-Sync which will cap the FPS (Frames per second) at 30 and remove tears from the screen.

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