World War Heroes: How to change your name


World War Heroes username

In World War Heroes, your player name/username will default to your Google play name. However it can be changed if you know where to look. It’s how you’ll also appear in clans.

You are provided with 1 free name change in World War Heroes. After you’ve changed it once, you’ll have to pay to change it again.

How to change your name in World War Heroes

Start by heading to your profile. You can do this from the home screen. Select the settings icon in the top left and choose Profile. From here, you can see your KDA, Achievments and other stats. However we’re here to change our player name. Under your avatar, select the little edit icon.

World war heroes how to change name select the edit icon
Tap the edit icon under your avatar

Choose a name for yourself. As well as the name, you can choose a colour using the RGB Slider. Once done, click ‘Change name’.

World war heroes how to change name
Choose a name and colour, then tap Change name

It’s important to note that you can only change your name for free once in World War Heroes. If you want to change your name again in the future, it won’t be free.

World war heroes how to change name confirm the 1 free name change
Confirm the name change

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