World War Heroes: How to change your server & fix lag

World War Heroes – How to change your server

If you’re playing the popular mobile game World War Heroes, it’s possible that you are playing on the wrong server. When first launching the game, your asked which server you wish to join, whether it be Asia, Europe or North America.

If you choose the wrong server, thankfully you can change it whilst playing the game. It’s important to ensure your connected to the server that’s appropriate to you, as it massively reduces lag and ping.

If you are in Europe and are connected to the North America server for example, you can usually expect at least 200ms of ping compared to 30ms if you was connected to Europe. That means it would take 200ms for your input to reach the server, such as firing a weapon or reloading.

Changing server in World War Heroes

World War Heroes how to change server open settings
Open the Settings menu

Follow the quick steps below to change your server and reduce any lag problems that you may be having in World War Heroes.

Start by opening the settings menu. You can do this by pressing the menu button located in the top left of the screen. It looks like 3 lines. Then press the ‘Settings’ button at the bottom of World War Heroes.

World War Heroes how to change server select nearest location
Select a server that’s nearest to you

From the tabs at the top, choose ‘Game’. The first option should say ‘Current Server’. From the dropdown menu, choose the server that is nearest to you and apply your changes.


  1. Well, we all know about this, the problem is, like me for exemple, when i start there isn’t any north america server, and i build my account, bought a lot of stuff, and now if i switch for another server i do lost everything, waste of time

  2. Hey currently when I was taking a break after 2 hours I again started to play and for my surprise I was on europeon server I don’t know how but I was on Asian server and nine of the other servers are available except europeon server. Please help me dude


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