World War Heroes: How to create a clan


Creating your own clan in World War Heroes

It’s possible to create your own clan in World War Heroes, or join an existing one. However in this post we’ll cover creating your own. You can’t create a clan until you’ve beaten the tutorial at least. You will also need 50 gold to start your own clan. If you aren’t ready to create a clan yet, you might as well try and join an existing one.

From the menu icon in the top left of the home screen of World War Heroes, choose ‘Clans’.

How to create a clan in World War Heroes

World War Heroes how to create a clan open the settings menu
Open the settings menu and choose ‘Clans’

From the tabs at the top, choose ‘Create a clan’. The cost for creating a clan is 50 Gold. You can get gold as rewards for quests, levelling up and an item from opening chests.

Before creating a clan in World War Heroes, ensure that you’ve entered a Clan tag which can be 4 characters long. Also make sure that you’ve chosen a clan name like I have below.

World War Heroes how to create a clan select create a clan
Choose the ‘Create a Clan’ option and select a clan tag and clan name

Once you’re happy with your clan name and tag, choose ‘Create a clan’. Once you have created your clan, you can begin setting options such as announcement message, level requirement and start inviting friends. You will also have your own clan score.

World War Heroes how to create a clan
Press Create a clan to finish making your clan

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