World War Heroes: Daily Quests & Free Rewards


World War Heroes – Daily Quests

Each day that you log in to World War Heroes, you get a daily reward. Usually consisting of a bit of gold. However as well as getting these rewards, you are also given daily quests.

If you complete these quests each day, you get rewards including gold and cash, which are important for new weapons, chests and creating a clan. As you can see below, the 2 daily quests that I had included:

  1. Win 2 games for 5 gold and 15 cash.
  2. Earn 15 experience for 3 gold and 10 cash.

world war heroes daily quests rewards
Rewards from daily quests

If you keep up with these daily, it’s an easy way to keep stockpiling your gold!

Where to find daily quests

When on the home screen after completing the tutorial, select the menu icon in the top left of the screen. Choose ‘Quests’ from the list of options to see your current daily quests in World War Heroes.

world war heroes daily quests settings menu
Settings menu where you can access the daily quests



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