World War Heroes: How to join a clan

Joining a clan in World War Heroes

Once you’ve beaten the tutorial at the start of the World War Heroes game (which should only take a few minutes), you have the opportunity to join a clan. The game won’t tell you this however. You’ll need to find it for yourself.

A lot of clans have level requirements, so you may not be able to join it until you have levelled up quite a lot. The owner of the clan can choose a level requirement. If you have any friends in a clan, you can get them to send you an invite.

You can also create your own clan if you want to.

How to join a clan in World War Heroes

From the home screen that you see after completing the tutorial, open the settings menu in the top left of the screen. From there, choose clans.

World War Heroes how to join a clan open settings and choose clans
Open the settings menu in the top left of the screen and choose Clans

Under Clan Rankings, find a clan that you want to join. You will have some trouble joining the ones at the top of the list. Mainly as they’ll most probably have a high level requirement. You can see the number of members the clan has on the right hand side and if it has any open slots available.

World War Heroes how to join a clan pick a clan you want to join
Choose a clan you want to join. Double tap to join

If you already have a clan invite in World War Heroes, you can go over to the ‘Invitations’ tab to accept it.

World War Heroes how to join a clan invites
Accept invites from the invitations area

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  1. hey i have this game world war heroes , i have iphone and my friends have samsung i sent them invitation but they cant receive it dunno why , i make a new clam


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