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Before we start

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Diggz Fire Build

Diggz Fire Build can be found in the Ares Wizard, and it holds two different builds. These builds are Xenon and a gaming theme build, however most people use Xenon. The Xenon Build has an XXX version, and a clean version which you can pick when installing.

Xenon is packed with content, and it can be a little bit hard to find what you’re looking for at times. However it does have a lot of add-ons, and I can guarantee whatever it is you’re looking for, this build has it.

Diggz Fire TV Build and Xenon has categories for All in one, android, Explore, Favourites, Kids Zone, Your Library, Live TV, Movies, Power, Sports Zone, Streams, TV Networks, TV Shows and Xenon.

This guide is for Kodi Krypton, and the steps below are listed for the Estuary skin. If you have any problems with this build, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll reply. This build only works on Kodi Krypton, no Kodi Jarvis version is available.

How to install Diggz Fire Build on Kodi

If a message pops up saying Unknown Sources needs to be enabled, check our short guide here.

  1. Open System > File Manager > Add Source.
  2. In the top box, input In the bottom box, input “Diggz” and press OK to finish adding the source.
  3. Kodi home screen > add-ons > add-on browser (top left icon).
  4. Choose install from ZIP File and choose “Diggz“.
  5. Install the ZIP File in there (
  6. Give it a few seconds/minutes to install.
  7. Choose Install from Repository > Diggz Repo > Program Add-ons > Diggz Wizzard > Install
  8. Wait for it to install. Open Diggz Wizard, found under program add-ons on the home screen
  9. Browse Builds > Choose your Build > Install
  10. Wait for it to download. Allow Kodi to force close. Done!

Ares Wizard and pins

As this build is from the Ares Wizard in Kodi, you will be asked for a pin. When the message pops up, hit the “Get Pin” button. A web browser will open, giving you a 4 digit pin. Go back into Kodi, and press “Enter Pin” in the Ares Wizard. Enter the pin you received to get access to the build. You can scan the QR code or enter the given URL on your mobile too.

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  1. I have read what it said on how to install jdiggz on the fire stick and it still won’t let me and I can’t figure out the problem?
    ( yes I do have Kodi ) could you help me!

  2. I am writing to you about your latest build you brought out the new EMINENCE BUILD for kodi I have looked at the build you have you but I am having trouble typing in the address you give for the media location which is http://REPO.ARES-PROJECT.COM/MAGIC AND THE NAME YOU GIVE FOR THE MEDI SOURCE IS .ARES.and I was wondering was there another name for the new build in which way I type it in the MEDI LOCATION I really want to download this new build of yours I have all ready download your other build which is XENON 7.3 the build also I was wondering have you ever thought of putting your builds straight onto the ARES WIZARD because the ARES WIZARD is very popular with people to use and that way people will then see your builds so they can use as well look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi, I don’t own any builds, and have never created a Kodi Build. All Kodi Builds on this site are made by other people and I just give installation instructions. Which build is it that you want to try, as Eminence is a Kodi Skin, not build.

      If you’re looking for a working URL for Ares Project, try

      Hope I’m able to help a little bit.

      • I am writing to you about the xenon 7.3 build for the kodi 17.3 on the fire stick but the promble is the xenon 7.3 build for the kodi has disappeared off your build I have tried to install the build again but it don’t come back up with the builds with the one I want to install it really liked the build and was wondering if there was another way to install the xenon 7.3 build for the kodi on the fire stick

        • Hi, the builds aren’t mine unfortunately. I don’t make them or have never spoken to the people who do make them. I just provide instructions on how to install them. I have no idea what must of happened to the build, and right now I’m not aware of another method for installing it.


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