One Alliance Kodi Build


One Alliance Build

How to download and install the One Alliance Build for Kodi Krypton. One Alliance is a popular choice amongst a lot of Kodi users.

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Before we start

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One Alliance Overview

The One Alliance Build is quite a popular choice, mainly because of the amount of content that it provides. It has categories for Live TV, Movies, TV Shows and a lot more. One of my favourite features is the Comedy section, where I have stand up comedy in an easily accessible place.

The design of the One Alliance Build is great. It uses Aeon Nox, however it’s been redesigned in a way which looks more modern and a higher quality. The colour choices are also great and contrast nicely.

The installation guide will also be relatively similar for Kodi Jarvis. If you find the installation instructions below a little confusing, more detailed instructions including images can be seen at the bottom.

If you have any questions about this build, don’t head to the Kodi forums for help. Leave a comment below.

How to install the One Alliance Build on Kodi

If a message pops up saying Unknown Sources needs to be enabled, check our short guide here.

  1. Head to the File manager in Settings and “Add Source”
  2. In the top box, input
  3. In the bottom box, input “One Alliance
  4. Go to the home screen, head into add-ons, then open add-on browser
  5. Choose install from ZIP File and choose “One Alliance”
  6. Install the only ZIP File in there (
  7. Give it a few minutes to install.
  8. Go to Add-Ons, then under Program Add-Ons, open the One Alliance Wizard
  9. Choose Builds > One Alliance Krypton Build > Fresh Install
  10. When the message pops up, choose force close.
  11. When you re-open Kodi, the One Alliance Build is ready to use.

One Alliance Build installation with pictures

Click the cog in the top left to open the System menu

Choose File Manager

Select Add Source

Click the top box

Input the following exactly: and hit OK

Now select the bottom box

Type OneAlliance and press OK again

Press OK one more time to finish adding the source.

Go back to your home screen and choose add-ons

Click the icon in the top left to open the add-on browser

Select Install from ZIP file and open One Alliance

Look for and install

Wait for the add-on installed notification in the top right

Go back to the home screen and go into add-ons again

Open Program add-ons and choose OneAlliance WizardChoose Builds

Then pick OnAlliance Krypton Build

Select Fresh or Standard Install

Wait for it to finish downloading and installing

When asked, choose Force close. This will complete the setup, then open Kodi again. The One Alliance build will be installed and ready to use.

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