Connecting Kodi to Wi-Fi

In this short guide, we’re going to teach you how to connect Kodi on an Amazon Fire Stick to your Wi-Fi connection. If you aren’t familiar with using a Fire Stick, it’s possible that you aren’t aware of how to connect to Wi-Fi with Kodi. What we will tell you right now is that when using a Fire Stick, you won’t connect to Wi-Fi through Kodi. It needs to be done through the Settings Menu on the Fire Stick.

Before we Start

IPVanish VPN with Kodi

PwrDown highly recommends you use a VPN when using Kodi. IPVanish is one of the only top tier VPNs and it’s tailored specifically for Kodi users. It works on almost all devices including the Amazon Fire Stick. As stated on their site, using IPVanish will:

  • Mask your IP Address & Hide your streaming habits.
  • Prevent your ISP from spying on you.
  • Make your online presence anonymous.
  • Allow access to blocked add-ons & content from other countries.

We’ve spent a lot of time creating an eBook focused around Kodi Krypton. It’s suitable for both beginners and pros to the Kodi platform, and is bound to help you achieve the perfect set-up. Contained within our latest eBook is over 60 pages packed with useful guides and a showcase of some Kodi add-ons & Kodi Skins along with installation instructions for each. We’re very proud of the eBook we’ve created and think it will be very useful to our readers. You can read more about our eBook here.

How to connect Kodi to Wi-Fi on a Fire Stick

  1. From the Fire Stick Home Screen, choose ‘Settings’. You can find it in the navigation menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose ‘Network’. (See Figure 1 Below).
  3. Browse the list of connections and choose the one that you wish to connect to. If prompted, input your password and choose ‘Connect’. (See Figure 2 Below).
  4. Once connected, your Fire Stick will be connected to your Wi-Fi, thus the internet. You can check your signal strength by pressing the Menu button when hovering over the connection. (See Figure 3 Below).

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you have successfully connected Kodi to Wi-Fi with an Amazon Fire Stick. You shouldn’t need to ever input these settings again.

Image instructions

How to connect Kodi to Wi-Fi on Amazon Fire Stick choose Network settings
Select ‘Network’ under the Settings menu
How to connect Kodi to Wi-Fi on Amazon Fire Stick Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list of connections
Select your Wireless Network from the list of connections
How to connect Kodi to Wi-Fi on Amazon Fire Stick check your signal strength and quality
In this screen, you can check the signal strength and quality of your Wi-Fi connection


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