How to download Movies and TV Shows from Kodi


Make Kodi download Movies and TV Shows to your local machine

In this guide, we are going to enable downloading in Kodi, which will allow you to download Movies and TV Shows from the Exodus add-on to your local machine.

Add-ons like Exodus are out of date. However you can check the same settings area of whatever addon you are currently using to see if this works. In a lot of cases, it does.

This will allow you to download media files and watch them without being connected to the internet, or without any buffering issues or source finding.

First, you will need to ensure that you have the Exodus add-on installed, if you haven’t, check out our guide for how to install Exodus.

This guide also works with Genesis Reborn, for if you’re having problems with Kodi.

We will be creating this tutorial using Kodi V17 Krypton, however the process is the same if you’re using Kodi V16 Jarvis.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kodi or new, a detailed guide is below the instructions including images.

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Before we start

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If you’re using Genesis Reborn over Exodus, just repeat the same steps but in the Genesis Reborn add-on instead.

  1. Go to addons > Video Addons > Open Exodus
  2. Select Tools from the first menu
  3. In the next menu, choose “EXODUS: Downloads”
  4. Enable Downloads, ensure this is enabled
  5. Click “Movies” and choose a directory where you’d like downloaded files to go
  6. Do the same for TV Shows
  7. Once you have chosen a directory for both objects, press “OK”
  8. Now find the media you wish to download through Exodus, either Movie or TV Show
  9. Load the sources list, and open the context menu on one of the sources, by either Right clicking or pressing “C”
  10. Press the “Download” button and confirm! The file will be in your chosen directory once completed.

Detailed instructions with images

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 1

Open the Exodus addon under Video Addons

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 2

Choose “Tools” from the first menu

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 3

Then select “EXODUS: Downloads”.

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 4

Tick the “Enable Downloads” box

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 5

Click “Movies” and then choose a directory where you want any movies you download to be stored.

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 6

Do the same for the TV Shows section.

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 7

Press “OK” once you have chosen a directory for both objects.

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 8

Find a file you’d like to download, and click it so that the list of sources show up.

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 9

Open the context menu whilst you’re hovering over a source, using either the right click button or the C keyboard button. If you’re using a remote, look for the menu button or context button. Click “Download”

Download movies and tv shows from Kodi guide part 10

Choose Confirm on the next box, and you’re done. Once the download has completed it will be in the directory you chose before.

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  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    I’ve done all the steps but the option to download is not available in my context menu. What should I do?

  2. Once confirm download, then small box appears in upper right side for three seconds, then disappears. I don’t know if it is downloading or not, can’t check the status. What happens if I leave the page I was on, will the download continue? Alot of things are wrong with Kodi when it comes to telling the user what Kodi is actually doing. Opps, now a box appeared in upper right side saying 10% complete on download, then box disappears. Kind of wankish!

  3. Everything works up until I click Download and it says confirm download, the problem is that it says file size: 0 mb and then when i press on confirm download it “downloads” a corrupt file

  4. Didnt work on my Kodi 17.3 or Jarvis FS. Doesnt give download option. i watched a video that does this method via Playback instead of Downloads. is there a setting im missing

  5. Will not work with Kodi 17.3 . No addons that you enable downloads will allow the download option in the context menu.
    May work in earlier versions tho.

  6. Very useful information, thanks. I like to watch movies with dutch subtitles. Is it possible to download the movies with subtitles?

    • I think your best bet would be to find the location of the downloaded files. Then use a media player like Media Player Home Classic. Download the subtitle file online and just drag and drop it.


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