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Sometimes Kodi may sit in Windowed mode, with your task manager being annoyingly in the way. Below, we’ve listed 3 different methods which will allow you to switch between Full Screen mode and Windowed mode with Kodi.

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Before we start

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Keyboard shortcut to switch between Windowed & Full screen

These keyboard shortcuts work with a standard Windows keyboard, and also most other applications. With the Kodi window open, hold the ALT key (found towards the bottom left of your keyboard) and press ENTER. This should force Kodi to switch to a Windowed view, and bring your taskbar back into view.

Switch between windows with a keyboard shortcut

Instead of switching between a Windowed and Full screen view, this method will keep Kodi full screen, however it will allow you to switch to other windows that you currently have open. It also works in any other program, and is especially useful for full screen software.

Hold the ALT Key (bottom left of keyboard) and press TAB (top left of keyboard). Don’t let go of ALT after pressing TAB. Your opened windows will appear in an interface, use TAB to select one and let go of ALT to open it. Use this to switch back into Kodi.

Disable full screen mode in Kodi settings

Follow these steps from the default Kodi skin Estuary

  1. On the Kodi home screen, select the cog icon in the top center of your screen to open the settings menu.
  2. Look for “System Settings” and select it.
  3. Under the Display section on the left, look for “Display Mode” on the right.
  4. Navigate through the options and switched to “Windowed”.
How to make Kodi full screen with Windows
Change the display mode between Full Screen & Windowed
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