Reset Kodi to Factory Settings on Windows

If you’re looking to reset Kodi to factory settings on Windows, it’s a relatively simple task and doesn’t require you to completely uninstall and reinstall the Kodi platform. All you have to do is delete a certain folder containing your Kodi files.

By deleting these files, you will remove ALL saved configuration including any builds, add-ons, local media information, user accounts etc.

Before we start

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How to reset Kodi back to it’s Factory Settings

Follow the steps below to reset Kodi to Factory Settings. It should only take around a minute total.

  • In Windows, open your Start Menu.
  • Either open the search bar or just start typing the following WITH the percentage symbols: %AppData% and press Enter.
  • In the directory that opens, look for a folder named “Kodi”.
  • This is the folder that contains all of your Kodi configuration and information. Delete it.
  • Open Kodi again, and it will have reset back to its factory settings. A new folder will have been recreated in its place.
Reset Kodi to factory settings on Windows
Type %AppData% into your start menu to reset Kodi to factory settings



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