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 OpenSubtitles for Kodi

OpenSubtitles are one of the subtitle services provided in Kodi which are pretty reliable for high quality, English subtitles. However a relevantly recent change which is becoming more and more familiar throughout Kodi is that you now have to login to use the service.

The process of registering an account and logging in is completely worth it, as in my opinion, OpenSubtitles is the best source of subtitles that exist for Kodi. A lot of other guides are saying there is a work around, but it seems that is incorrect, so lets just do it properly.

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OpenSubtitles Kodi Setup instructions

If the instructions below become confusing at any point, there are screenshots below going through the process. If not, leave a comment below and we’ll respond ASAP.

  1. Register a new account on OpenSubtitles here.
  2. Go to your email and confirm the registration
  3. Open Kodi and go into your settings
  4. Select “Player Settings”, and head to the Language section
  5. Click “Default TV Show service” and choose OpenSubtitles
  6. Head back to the Home screen and select “Addons”
  7. Go into “My Addons” and then into “Subtitles”, select
  8. Press Configure and input the login information you created previously
  9. Done, you will no longer get the login prompt!

Guide with pictures

Opensubtitles Kodi register an account

Start by registering an account on OpenSubtitles which you can do here, then you’ll have to confirm the email.
Opensubtitles Kodi open settings

Go into your settings, by clicking the cog in the top centre on the home screen

Opensubtitles Kodi go into player settings

Then go into “Player Settings”, as highlighted above

Opensubtitles Kodi under language choose default tv show service

Under Language, select “Default TV Show Service”, if you can’t see this, click the little cog in the bottom left and change it to Expert.

Opensubtitles Kodi choose get more

Click “Get more…” unless OpenSubtitles is already downloaded. If it is, it will already be on the screen above.

Opensubtitles Kodi select

Choose to install it, then go back to the home screen

Opensubtitles Kodi select addons from home screen menu

Go into your Add-ons section

Opensubtitles Kodi choose subtitles under my addons

Then under “My add-ons”, select Subtitles

Opensubtitles Kodi enter the login details we created previously

The next screen will have your installed subtitle services, select and press “Configure”. Now enter the details that we created previously. Done, you can now download subtitles from OpenSubtitles without the prompt constantly showing up.



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