Kodi Amber Skin – Review, Preview & How to install


Amber Skin for Kodi

The Amber skin feels like an upgraded Aeon Nox, and was a very popular choice back when Kodi 16 Jarvis was out. When looking at custom builds, I don’t think I’ve seen Amber once so far.

Kodi Amber Skin Home Screen
Home Screen


Amber sort of feels a bit like Aeon Nox, but more polished and a better design. Whilst the Amber Kodi Skin can feel a little dated at times, it’s still more polished than most other Kodi skins that are available.

By default, Amber comes with a horizontal menu, with sub menu below. Above the menu you’ll find a spotlight feature which gives quick access to some of your media files. If chosen, you can switch the horizontal menu for a vertical one.

Kodi Amber Skin Horizontal menu
Horizontal Menu

The color scheme can be changed slightly, there are about 4 options that you can choose from in the Amber Skin. There is a lot of open space when it comes to the interface, and when playing a media file, everything seems a little bulky. However this is expected, as Amber is quite an old skin.

Kodi Amber Skin Movie playing
Movie playing

Other than the points listed above, there are a lot more customization options that are provided in the settings menu. Too many to go through here!

There are a few options provided that allow you to change the layout of your library with the Amber Skin. However none really stand out to what I’ve seen in some other skins. Below you can see a poster view for my movie library.

Kodi Amber Skin Poster View
Poster View

How to install the Amber Skin on Kodi 17

Installing this Kodi Skin is simple, and the instructions below will work from the default Kodi Krypton Skin ‘Estuary’.

  1. Go into Settings (Cog icon in the top centre of the home screen).
  2. Select “Interface Settings”.
  3. Skin on the left, and then on the right, select the “Skin” option.
  4. Choose “Get More…” on the right.
  5. Scroll down and look for Amber. Select it.
  6. Let it install!
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