Kodi Arctic Zephyr Skin – Review, Preview & How to install


Arctic Zephyr Skin for Kodi

The Arctic Zephyr Skin has always been one of my most favorite Kodi Skins, and probably one of the best. It’s design is amazing, it’s very lightweight and has so many customization choices.

Kodi Arctic Zephyr Skin Home Screen
Default home screen for Arctic Zephyr


Arctic Zephyr is a great looking Kodi Skin. It has a very minimalist design and uses colors that contrast very well. By default, the Arctic Zephyr skin has a clean horizontal sub-menu as seen above. However this can be changed in the settings to a vertical menu, which looks much better and makes the best use of space.

Kodi Arctic Zephyr Skin Vertical Menu
Vertical menu preview

As well as changing the orientation of the menu, the skin can also be changed to a dark theme in the settings as seen below. There is so much customization provided with this Kodi Build. It isn’t locked down and you have full control over it.

Kodi Arctic Zephyr Skin Dark theme
Dark theme


When looking at your media library which has Movies and TV Shows, you are given a lot of different views to manage your library with. My favorites are ‘Media Info’ and ‘Big Icons’.

Kodi Arctic Zephyr Skin Media Info view
Media info view

The ‘Big Icons’ view (below) gives it a home theatre feel, making your Kodi set-up look great by turning your media files into large posters.

Kodi Arctic Zephyr Skin Big Posters
Big Posters view

The Arctic Zephyr skin is another Kodi skin which doesn’t have mouse support, and a small warning tool tip will pop up every now and then. It’s best to use this build with a remote controller or just the arrow keys on your keyboard.

How to install the Arctic Zephyr Skin on Kodi 17

Installing this Kodi Skin is simple, and the instructions below will work from the default Kodi Krypton Skin ‘Estuary’.

  1. Go into Settings (Cog icon in the top centre of the home screen).
  2. Select “Interface Settings”.
  3. Skin on the left, and then on the right, select the “Skin” option.
  4. Choose “Get More…” on the right.
  5. Scroll down and look for Arctic Zephyr. Select it.
  6. Let it install!
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