Top 10 Best Kodi Add-ons of August 2017


Top 10 Kodi Add-ons of August 2017

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best add-ons of August 2017 that are currently available for Kodi.

Before we start

PwrDown highly recommends you use a VPN when using Kodi. Users have reported receiving legal notices due to streaming Movies, TV Shows & Live Content through Kodi add-ons & builds. We recommend using IPVanish. IPVanish is one of the only top tier VPNs and it’s tailored specifically for Kodi users. It works on almost all devices including the Amazon Fire Stick Using IPVanish will:

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Our archive of Kodi add-ons is growing rapidly. Due to this, we’ve begun compiling posts similar to this which can be found in our Kodi Top 10’s category. There you can find the best add-ons for specific things like Movies, TV Shows, Sports and IPTV.

10Bobbys Cartoons Kodi add-on

Kodi Bobbys Cartoons Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
With the Bobbys Cartoons add-on, you will be able to stream around 100 different cartoons and animated TV Shows. These are suitable for children and adults alike! Some shows featured in this add-on include Hey Arnold, Recess and Peppa Pig. There is a lot of great content provided with the Bobbys Cartoons add-on.

9Halow Live TV Kodi Add-on

Kodi Halow Live TV Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
Halow Live TV offers IPTV Channels from a lot of different countries. All of the It has are Country Channels, Match day, Live Sport, Movies, 24/7 Shows, Music TV, YouTube, Kids Movies, Sports Replay, FilmOn TV, Radio, Playlisters, Ace Streams and Latest News. If you’re struggling to find IPTV Channels for your country, this add-on may have it.

81080P Movies Kodi add-on

Kodi 1080P Movies Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
1080P Movies does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides you with high quality movies straight to your Kodi device. What’s great about this add-on though is how fast it is. As it doesn’t grab it’s content from 3rd party sites, as soon as you choose a movie it plays! No source selection required.

7The Fixtures Kodi add-on

Kodi The Fixtures Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
The Fixtures add-on is one of the best Kodi add-ons right now when it comes to Live Sports. Inside, you’ll find a lot of IPTV Sports channels which play in high quality with practically no buffering issues. When I originally tried this add-on, the streams seemed very reliable.

6Final Gear Kodi add-on

Kodi Final Gear Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
Final Gear is great, especially for dads or men in general. It features many TV Shows, specifically focused around cars. Some of the shows include Top Gear, Grand Tour and Pimp my ride. There are a total of 43 Car & Vehicle related shows in this add-on, and it makes a great addition to any setup.

5Specto Fork Kodi add-on

Kodi Specto Fork Kodi Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
The Specto Fork add-on is a provider of TV Shows and Movies. It’s in a similar format to other popular add-ons such as Exodus, Genesis Reborn and Elysium. If you’re looking for an alternative or back-up add-on for Movies & TV, this is one of your best choices. You can also have favourites with this add-on.

4Pro Sport Kodi add-on

Kodi Pro Sport Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
Pro Sport is a Kodi add-on which specialises in Live Sports and On demand/past matches for NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB Games. Although I’m not interested in these sports, I gave this Kodi add-on a try and streams where pretty reliable and in a good quality. If these sports interest you, definitely consider this one.

3iConspire Kodi add-on

Kodi iConspire Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
iConspire hosts documentaries on some specific genres. Some categories of documentaries you’ll find include UFO, Illuminati and a lot of conspiracies. Content is pulled straight from YouTube, so you can expect high quality, up to date streams with no buffering issues!

2Falcon Live TV Kodi Add-on

Kodi Falcon Live TV Kodi Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
Falcon Live TV, or just Falcon is a Kodi add-on which has a lot of content for everyone. As you can see in the screenshot, some of the media it has includes IPTV, Movies, TV Shows, Sports and Stand-up. With it’s live TV Channels, it hosts IPTV for UK, USA and Spain. There’s no reason not to include this add-on in your Kodi setup!

1Covenant Kodi Add-on

Kodi Covenant Add-on | Installation instructions and preview
The Covenant add-on is another Kodi add-on which provides Movies and TV Shows. It’s similar to other add-ons such as Exodus so it has the same features like account integration with IMDB and Trakt. Content is scraped from third party sources unlike 1080P Movies which we covered above.


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