Top 10 Best Kodi Builds of August 2017


Top 10 Kodi Builds of August 2017

Lets take a look at some of the best Kodi builds of August 2017! These are all builds that we’ve covered this month and what we think work best.

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This month we’ve looked at a lot of different Kodi Builds. In the list below, we aim to provide you with the ones which we think are the best. We took in a lot of considerations such as design, usability and add-ons. This month is the Best Kodi Builds for August, however we have done this for other months. Make sure to check out all of our Best of lists for Kodi.

This post has been updated to reflect The Best Kodi Builds of September 2017.

10Nemesis Kodi Build

Nemesis Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
What I like is that Nemesis uses the Titan skin, giving it a unique and easy to navigate style. Nemesis has categories for add-ons, favourites, kids, movies, music, settings, sport, tv shows, tv guide and YouTube. Some of the add-ons in the Kodi Nemesis Build include WolfPack, Bob, Elysium and Exodus.

9Project X Kodi Build

Project X Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
Kodi’s Project X is designed nicely, sticking to a Deadpool theme. It has a lot of content and looks awesome on the big screen. The Project X Build has categories for 24/7, Box Set Kings, Cinema, Devils Origin IPTV, Elysium Media, Envy Wizard, Project X, Man Cave Wizard, My add-ons, Poseidon, Skynet, Supremacy and System.

8Lite BB Kodi Build

Lite BB Kodi | Installation instructions and preview
The Lite BB build uses very contrasting colors, but makes good use of the spotlight feature to provide you content. The Lite BB Build has categories for Add-ons, adult, favorites, Kids zone, Live TV, Movies, Power, Sports, System and TV Shows. Some of the add-ons used in this Kodi build are Exodus, Specto and Elysium.

7Infusion Kodi Build

Infusion Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
This Build is another great choice for your Kodi setup. I love it’s glossy appearance. Infusion has categories for Apps, Kids Zone, Movies, Music, Sports, System, TV Pro and TV Shows. Some of the add-ons included are Elysium, Quantum and SportsDevil which are all highly respected by the Kodi community.

6Ultimate Exodus Kodi Build

Ultimate Exodus Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
The Ultimate Exodus build for Kodi has a very Netflix like appearance, making it one my favourites. It only uses the Exodus add-on, so it’s just Movies and TV Shows. However this build is great and it looks amazing. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to use, this is definitely one of the best builds.

5HardNox Kodi Build

HardNox Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
Kodi HardNox Build is a great build design wise, and has a lot to offer for content. It has categories for Grit, IPTV, Kids, Ladies Night, Movies, Music, Programs, Spanish, Sports, System, TV Shows and Urban. It’s an easy to navigate build, it looks great and has some great features such as the spotlight feature shown above.

4Furious Kodi Build

Furious Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
Kodi’s Furious Build uses the Eminence skin which is one of my favourites due to its minimalist and sleek design. Furious Build has content for TV Shows, True Grit, System, Streams, Sports, Science Fiction, Programs, Power, Movies, Live TV, Ladies, Kids, Fright Night, Favourites and All in One.

3Nephilim Kodi Build

Nephilim Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
This build is different because it uses the Neue skin. It looks great by using full size movie art and an easy to navigate interface. Nephilim has categories for Addons, Free TV, Maintenance, Man Cave Wizard, Misc, Movies, Networks, Paid TV, Settings, Silent Hunter, Sports, Supremacy and TV Shows.

2CHAPPiE Kodi Build

CHAPPiE Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
The CHAPPie build is another great choice, it’s easy to navigate and looks great. The CHAPPiE Build has categories for Adult, all in one, CHAPPiE, Documentaries, Live TV, Movies, Music, Power, Sports, Subs and TV Shows. Some of the Kodi add-ons available with this build include Covenant, Exodus, Specto Fork and BOB.

1Horizon Kodi Build

Horizon Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
I love the Horizon Builds sci-fi appearance, as well as it’s easy to use and see navigation menu. Horizon has categories for All add-ons, favourites, fitness, kids, live TV, Mars, Movies, Music, Power, Search, Sports, System, TV Shows, Venus and Wildlife. The Horizon Build also has a section available for XXX (adult), which you can choose to install or not.


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