Top 10 Best Kodi Builds September 2017 – Krypton 17.0 – 17.4


Best Kodi Builds September 2017

We haven’t reviewed an awful lot of Kodi Builds this month, however we still have enough to provide you a list of the Best Kodi Builds September 2017. We plan to keep doing these lists each month, so that you can stay up to date and ensure you’re getting the Latest & Best Custom Kodi Builds. Make sure to check out all of our Best of lists for Kodi.

Unfortunately, add-ons seem to becoming more and more unreliable as of late, and the only one that I seem to be able to get working for Movies & TV Shows is Covenant with Alluc. Hopefully a lot of these add-on issues will be fixed within a few weeks. Then Kodi will go back to normal. Therefor, make sure to test each of these builds and see if the add-ons inside are working and updated.

This month, a lot of Kodi users also upgraded to the latest version of Kodi (17.4). All these builds will work for the latest Kodi 17.4, as well as previous versions of 17.0, 17.1, 17.2 and 17.3. We’ve added a whole new Kodi Builds & Kodi Add-ons section to our site this month, make sure to try it out!

If you have any ideas for Kodi Builds and guides that we should write about, let us know! Please note that the Kodi Builds below aren’t the best builds of all time, or best Kodi builds released this month, but just the builds we have covered!

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11Before we start

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10Tardis Kodi Builds

Tardis Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
If you’re a big fan of Doctor Who, you’ll love the Tardis Builds for Kodi. Tardis uses the Eminence skin, which is so sleek and minimal, making it my most favorite Kodi skin of all time. The Kodi Tardis Builds has categories for Movie Nights, TV Boxsets, Live TV, Stargate Streams, Sports, Kids Zone, Ladies Lounge, Man Cave and Taridis. There are 2 choices of the Tardis Builds to choose from.

9Eden Kodi Build

Eden Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
Kodi’s Eden Build will send you back in time with it’s retro, neon appearance. There are 3 different choices for the Eden Build, with the above image being of “Eden Bulb Ultimate” for Kodi Krypton. Eden uses a heavily modified Aeon Nox Skin, and has categories for comedy, favorites, kids, Live TV, Movies, Power, Sports, System, TV Shows, UHD and Movies.

8Steptoe’s Kodi Build

Steptoe’s Kodi | Installation instructions and preview
I’m not a huge fan of Steptoe’s Kodi Builds, however it has so much content so I just have to include it in the list of Best Kodi Builds September 2017. It has add-ons and categories for 4K Movies, 24/7 TV, Ares Tube, Bennu, BOB, Box Sets, Cartoons, Catch-up TV, Comedy, Documentaries, Favourites, Fitness, Food Porn, Live TV, Movies, Music, The Pyramid, Sports, Supremacy and TV Shows.

7Streetwise Kodi Build

Streetwise Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
This Kodi Build is small and lightweight. Meaning it’s a good choice if you have a Fire Stick or other small device. Ultimately, Streetwise has categories for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and My Kodi. In the My Kodi section, you can find more add-ons such as The Pyramid, Specto Fork and and Elysium. If you’re using Kodi V16 Jarvis, there is a version available too.

6Ultimate Exodus Kodi Build

Ultimate Exodus Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
I included this build in last month’s too, and I’ve decided to leave it here. Simply because it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Ultimate Exodus uses a layout that is very similar to Netflix, in the way that it doesn’t have a navigation menu and just provides contont straight to the home screen. It’s an amazing build and everyone needs to try it. However with Exodus’ current issues, it may not be as reliable.

5Bandicoot Kodi Build

Bandicoot Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
Kodi’s Bandicoot Builds look very sleek and modern, using a modified Aeon Nox Skin. An XXX/Adult Version of this build is also available to be installed. It can be installed using the Ares Wizard, and has a lot of categories and add-ons for Movies, TV Shows, Sports & IPTV. For all these reasons, I’ve decided to include it as one of the Best Kodi Builds September 2017!

4Skyllar Kodi Build

Skyllar Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
The Skyllar Build is the most popular custom Kodi Build currently available in the Smash Wizard. It uses a unique skin, called Andromeda. Kodi’s Skyllar Build has categories for Add-ons, All in one, All in one 2, Cartoons, Family/Kids, Movies, Sports, System, TV Shows & Wizard. Some of the Kodi add-ons inside of Skyllar are Covenant, Elysium, Cartoons8 and Project M Sports.

3Colossus Kodi Build

Colossus Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
This build is another custom Kodi Build available from the Smash Wizard, being the second most popular. It looks very polished, and uses a modified Aeon Nox skin, it looks great. Colossus has categories for Cinema, Colossus, Covenant, Documentaries, English TV, Favourites, Game Time, Latino, One Stop, Playground, Power, Programs, System, TV Shows and YouTube.

2Grinny Kodi Build

Grinny Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
The Grinny Build comes straight from the Man Cave Wizard. It’s made this list of the Best Kodi Builds September 2017 because it looks great. Also because it has a lot of updated, relevant add-ons. It uses Aeon Nox, and looks great. Grinny has categories for Add-ons, Covenant, Duckpool, Elysium, Favourites, Man Cave Wizard, Music, Power, Project M, Settings, Sky net, Specto and Supremacy.

1Zero Tolerance Kodi Build

Zero Tolerance Kodi Build | Installation instructions and preview
The image above is from the Kryptikz ZT Edition build, which is one of the Zero Tolerance Kodi Builds. These builds are a very popular choice, and have a lot of great add-ons. Kryptikz uses the Eminence skin, which is a great choice. The Zero Tolerance Builds have categories for Cartoons, Documentary Zone, Explore, Movies, Music, My Lists, Recent, Sports, System and TV Shows. We’ve given this build the top pick for the Best Kodi Builds September 2017!

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