Top 5 Best Kodi Builds for the Nvidia Shield in 2018

Best Kodi Builds for the Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield is by far the best device for Kodi, with it having the best hardware available compared to the Amazon Fire Stick, Raspberry Pi or Roku. It also uses Android’s powerful operating system, capable of running other applications such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion and much more.

Although what stands out about the Nvidia Shield is how simple it is to install Kodi. It can be found in the Google Play Store and installed without all the hassle you have to go through on the Amazon Fire Stick. Kodi will also automatically keep itself updated to the latest version of Kodi V17 Krypton or Kodi V18 Leia.

In this post, we’re going to run you through some of the Best Kodi Builds available for the Nvidia Shield in 2018. All these builds work without Ares Wizard, are are ready for Kodi Krypton. There is no particular order to the list below either, so choose one that you like the look of.

IPVanish - The Best Kodi VPN

Before we start

PwrDown highly recommends you use a VPN when using Kodi. IPVanish is one of the only top tier VPNs and it’s tailored specifically for Kodi users. It works on almost all devices including the Amazon Fire Stick. As stated on their site, using IPVanish will:
  • Mask your IP Address & Hide your streaming habits.
  • Prevent your ISP from spying on you.
  • Make your online presence anonymous.
  • Allow access to blocked add-ons & content from other countries.

CellarDoorTV Kodi Build

Best Kodi Builds for the Nvidia Shield 2018 cellardoor tv build

Kodi CellarDoorTV Build | Installation Instructions & Preview

CellarDoorTV has been around for a while now, and has a lot to offer. It has a good design with great navigation, with sub menus and quick access to media above the main menu. This build has section for apps, kids movies and TV shows, movies, music, sports, TV Pro and TV Shows. Originally, CellarDoor TV was installed through the Ares Wizard. However this isn’t the case anymore since Ares Wizard was taken down by the developers.

CosmicSaints Kodi Build

Best Kodi Builds for the Nvidia Shield 2018 cosmicsaints build

Kodi CosmicSaints Build | Installation Instructions & Preview

CosmicSaints offers multiple Kodi builds, all with different themes. The build on the image is above is called Civil War, themed around Marvel’s Captain America. You can choose your build when installing from the Wizard, they’re all the same other than the design. Civil War has sections and categories for Movies, TV Shows, SportsDevil, Live TV, Mens, Ladies, Kids, Soccer, Clean-up, add-ons, Music and 24/7.

Zero Tolerance Kodi Build

Best Kodi Builds for the Nvidia Shield 2018 zero tolerance builds

Kodi Zero Tolerance Build | Installation Instructions & Preview

There are a few Kodi Builds available from Zero Tolerance, although the one we tested was Kryptikz ZT Edition. Kryptikz also runs quite fast, so it should run fine of Amazon FireSticks and android boxes. The Zero Tolerance Builds have categories for Cartoons, Documentary Zone, Explore, Movies, Music, My Lists, Recent, Sports, System and TV Shows.

Misfit Mods Kodi Build

Best Kodi Builds for the Nvidia Shield 2018 misfit mods build

Kodi Misfit Mods Build | Installation Instructions & Preview

Misfit Mods is another repository that holds multiple Kodi builds. The one on the image above though is of a build called ‘HardNox’. Misfit Mods is a popular choice, and the HardNox build really shows that. It has a great design and quick access to all the content inside. Misfit Mods other builds includes HardNox Krypton, HardNox Jarvis, Kids Room, Fiesta, ALS Flix, AM Smooth and Climaxxx.

No Limits Kodi Build

Best Kodi Builds for the Nvidia Shield 2018 no limits build

Kodi No Limits Build | Installation Instructions & Preview

The No Limits Build for Kodi is a very popular choice, and for many reasons. It hosts a wide range of add-ons and content. It has sections for Live TV, More, Movies, Music, Networks, Power, Sanctuary, Sports, System, Tools, TV Shows, UK Turk Playlists and XXX. There is a choice of whether you want XXX Sections or not.

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